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How PR Exposure Greatly Benefits Your Business

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I strongly advise you not to miss a chance with public relations. Discover how PR can help you with your business:

- Address the biggest benefit right in your headline. When writing your headline or subject line for a press release or email pitch letter, a great technique is to include the biggest benefit of your product or service. This will attract the attention of the reader and get them interested before they read a single word of your actual release. It’s also great for press releases that you distribute online because it also works very well with potential customers who stumble across your release in the search engines.

- Make a name for yourself. When writing stories, the media looks for people to interview who are experts in their field. Show them that you are THE SOURCE for the information they need by creating a blog, publishing a newsletter, holding teleseminars and even doing public speaking events. When they search online for potential interviewees they will be more likely to choose you if you appear to be a knowledgeable resource.

- Don’t forget a link to your site. When submitting a press release online, be sure that you include a link to your website. According to a press release published by, 9 out of 10 submissions that they receive do not include this important piece of information.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to send people to your site to learn more about what you do, download your special report or join your newsletter.

- Show your current customers that they are just as important as new customers. Too often, most of a business’ focus is on attracting new customers. Instead, spend some time focusing on your existing customers. Throw a one-of-a-kind customer appreciation theme party such as a luau with Polynesian cultural dancers or a magical theme party. Customers can even bring their children to watch a magician do incredible tricks, while they do business or take part in the services your business has to offer. They’ll be impressed that you did something special to recognize them and will no doubt spread the word to their friends.

- Write a bio that is interesting. The media is not interested in dull people. Let’s face it; they don’t make very good stories or interesting interviews. So show them that you are a creative and fun person by writing a bio that is different than all the other boring bios they read.

Instead of just repeating your resume verbatim, tell them what you’re passionate about and let them see the real you. You can always link to your complete resume from your bio so that all of your education, job history and achievements are viewable. But when it comes to the actual bio, make it memorable and don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through. You just may be chosen for a story or interview over one of your competitors who has a boring bio!

Remember, there are no boring stories, just boring approaches to interesting stories. These are important things to remember when working on publicizing your business. If you believe in your mission, others cannot help but follow your lead.

Source: Woodbridge Press Release Articles


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