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How To Stay Focused When Writing A Press Release

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It can be one of the biggest mistakes in press release writing… including too much information. You must stay focused! It is easy to get excited and write down everything you can think of about your product, service or event, but it is best to keep it simple. Stick to one topic or event per release.

Here is an example. Jane Sellers, the founder of, wants to promote her online marketplace. The website is all about offering great deals to consumers, but she also wants to reach out to businesses to post those great deals on the site.

The best way to approach press release writing for this venture would be to write multiple releases. One could focus on the great deals consumers can get by using the website. Another could focus on how businesses can benefit from joining the online marketplace. Another positive outcome of this approach is that additional releases increase your chance of getting news coverage and boost your online visibility.

So remember, stay focused. A clear and concise press release is more likely to capture the attention of a journalist or organization. Releases that contain too much information or information on multiple topics can confuse the reader and result in your release ending up in the recycling bin.


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