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How many emails do you delete every day?

Call it a seventh sense — you know a spam email when you see one.  What gives it away is its ultra-generic subject heading, whether it’s a sale on flowers or tips on enlarging a part of your anatomy.

That’s why it’s important to carefully consider your subject line in the press release emails you send; if that heading looks too generic (or even too focused), it’s as good as trash. 

The crux of press release distribution relies on grabbing the recipient’s attention, and NOW.  First, try to take the more challenging approach by sending individual press releases rather than one mass email to several hundred people.  It takes a little more time, but it promises to elicit a response, even if it’s a “no thanks” email.  At least by now you’ve established communication.

Here’s a good example:  If you’re trying to reach our CEO, Glenn Selig, that email subject line had better be incredibly specific, or it will never get so much as a glance.  Believe me, a vague subject line is Glenn’s biggest pet peeve.  Instead, try to make the first few words of that subject line specific to Glenn, and why he should open the email from some unknown sender.

Bad subject line:  Come See Us at the Convention

(Don’t you realize just how many people that could refer to and?)

Better subject line:  Hi, Glenn – question about our event

(This subject line will still annoy him, but at least you’ve gotten personal – you’ve mentioned his name and aroused his curiosity.) 

Just remember to never deceive anyone, or your credibility will be forever wiped out.  You’ll be added to the SPAM list right away, never to be heard from again.  When it comes to sending a press release, keep it relevant, keep it short, keep it personal.


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