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The hard part is over.
You have something. It might be a book, a product, a web site, a service, an event; it could be anything. The point is, you have it, and you want to get the word out.
The question now becomes how, exactly, do you make people aware of your “something?” You look into [...]

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Because this is a tip from a PR pro I will tell you that unless you are a gifted writer, it is not easy to write an online press release fast.  You could use press release writing software, or follow a step by step guide to write a press release.  But at the end of the [...]

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Well… It’s official.
We spent some weeks testing it in Beta and now the blog is ready to go.  We sent out the press release below announcing the launch.
The press release distribution company PRNewsChannel today announced the official launch of its new blog ‘PR How To…”
Billed as offering ‘PR Tips from the Professionals’ the PR How [...]

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About to fire off that press release?  Don’t bother, unless you’re avoiding this common pitfall:  SEO neglect.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) provides the lifeblood of the press release.  Without SEO, your release bypasses the people you want to reach and winds up lost in cyberspace.  No one will find it.
Writing about your business?  Think in terms of [...]

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