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Getting to this point, having an idea, business, or cause you want to generate publicity for and promote is like the old G.I. Joe TV tagline: “half the battle.” But the hard part isn’t necessarily over. Choosing the right press release writing service is perhaps the most important step in a marketing campaign, and an [...]

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You’ve taken care of the hard part; writing and distributing a press release. Now what? Well, to get more attention for your release you should head to the web. If your company has a website, post it. Most companies have a “news” section for this very purpose. It is also a smart idea to make [...]

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It just takes one.
One negative comment, one negative review, or one disgruntled employee could taint the way a business, product, or service is perceived online, and that’s not a risk that most small business owners can take. Imagine you are a customer looking to compare car cleaning services online. Both Joe’s Kwik Klean and Phase II Auto [...]

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You ask your friend whether she likes your new necktie.
“I really, really, really, really love it,” she says.
You realize by the third really that your friend really hates your tie.
What is it about repetition we think adds emphasis when it usually just adds insincerity?
The same is true for writing your press release.  Too much repetition [...]

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