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Tonight, President Obama will be giving his first State of the Union address. Most assume this is an awful time to distribute a press release because it will get lost in the shuffle. That is not always the case. You may be able to use the news event to your advantage and actually get some [...]

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It seems you can’t ride any form of mass transit, watch any television program, or even listen to the radio without being inundated with legal advertising. We’ve all seen them.
“Been in an accident?
“We fight for you!”
“On your side.”
And it all may very well be true. The problem is, these advertisements, these commercials, and these canned slogans are [...]

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You’ve taken care of the hard part; writing and distributing a press release. Now what? Well, to get more attention for your release you should head to the web. If your company has a website, post it. Most companies have a “news” section for this very purpose. It is also a smart idea to make [...]

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By all accounts, Herndon,Va.-based Financial Investments, Inc.  (FII) didn’t absolutely need to mount a press release writing and distribution campaign. The modest investment firm located in the Washington, D.C. Metro area had twice been selected to the prestigious Inc. 500 list by Inc. magazine, and the company and its proprietary company have also received top national [...]

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The New Year is here, which means resolutions. One may be to get more press or attention for your business or product in 2010. One of the easiest and inexpensive ways to do that is with press releases. You can write them yourself or hire a press release writing service to do it for you.
Press [...]

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Sometimes, it just takes one.
One press release writing, one press release distribution, or one media pitch can be what separates your idea from the media exposure about which you’ve secretly daydreamed. It’s just that easy…
The experts at the press release distribution company PRNewsChannel say they’ve had clients who have appeared in national news outlets after [...]

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Not every press release is going to get you on the news, in the paper, or help you get on Oprah.
The media just doesn’t work that way.
You, your cause, your business or your product have to be relevant. The best way to do that? Coordinate the wording and the timing of your press releases so [...]

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One of the biggest problems in newsrooms is the lack of attribution in any content produced.  Reporters love to say something happened at a crime scene and forget to say how they know it actually happened.  There are also times when it’s overdone, which is why using the word ‘alledgely’ is almost a joke these [...]

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You ask your friend whether she likes your new necktie.
“I really, really, really, really love it,” she says.
You realize by the third really that your friend really hates your tie.
What is it about repetition we think adds emphasis when it usually just adds insincerity?
The same is true for writing your press release.  Too much repetition [...]

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