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New social media platforms seem to pop up every week it seems, and each one offers entrepreneurs, businesses, law firms, or publicly traded companies a unique opportunity to grow their business… if they know how.
As we begin the second decade of the 21st century, that may be the biggest “if” in marketing because it ties [...]

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You’ve taken care of the hard part; writing and distributing a press release. Now what? Well, to get more attention for your release you should head to the web. If your company has a website, post it. Most companies have a “news” section for this very purpose. It is also a smart idea to make [...]

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Because this is a tip from a PR pro I will tell you that unless you are a gifted writer, it is not easy to write an online press release fast.  You could use press release writing software, or follow a step by step guide to write a press release.  But at the end of the [...]

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The Web has rocked the world of PR.  The rules of the game have changed.  Because now instead of needing reporters to tell the story of your business, your product, your book… you can use online press releases to reach your target audience directly.  So it begs the question:  Reporters, do your really need them?  [...]

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Online press releases are great for reaching consumers directly.  They also reach interped reporters who scour the Internet looking for ideas.  But online press releases are mainly designed to reach consumers.
An online press release can be sent for anything:  new products, open a new office, hire new staff, sponsor an event, commenting about a subject [...]

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