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Press Release Distribution Company PRNewsChannel Launches New '617' Sale to Celebrate New Boston Bureau

The award-winning press release writing and press release distribution firm introduces itself to Boston and the rest of the New England area with a celebratory sale.

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PRNewsChannel press release distribution

(PRNewsChannel) / August 12, 2010 / BOSTON / To mark its new Boston bureau, the press release distribution company PRNewsChannel ( is launching its new "617 Sale" to introduce itself to Boston and the rest of New England. For the rest of the month of August, the award winning PR newswire is offering a full press release writing and a nationwide email and online press release distribution for just $617, a savings of more than $50.

The "617 Sale" is open to anyone, including former PRNewsChannel clients, and gives Boston corporations, law firms, medical groups, higher education institutions, and small businesses even more of a reason to experience PRNewsChannel's vast media contact network, quality press release writing, and high level of customer service for themselves.

"While our press release distribution network is among the best in the industry, our team of award-winning former professional journalists also writes press releases," says Scott. "That's what helps set us apart from other PR newswires. We are a full-service press release firm, and this new sale will help clients experience that firsthand."

PRNewsChannel is owned by Tampa, Fla.-based Selig Multimedia, Inc.

PRNewsChannel is the first and only press release distribution company created by former journalists.  Though smaller in size, the news distribution company competes with PRNewswire and Businesswire because it offers outstanding one-on-one client services for significantly less cost.  It was named "Best Overall Newswire" in June.

(Read article: PRNewsChannel Expands Reach to Boston)

PRNewsChannel has established partnerships with leading content syndicators including AOL, Google, Comtex, Financial Content and others to maximize its online reach, a database of nearly 500,000 reporters and editors nationwide and Canada for email distribution of press releases and counts a growing list of large and small companies nationwide as clients. Scott says he's excited to bring that reach and exposure to Boston and the rest of the New England area.

"Boston is an amazing city with strong medical, financial, educational sectors that presents strong areas of growth for our press release distribution company," says Scott. "There is also a vibrant network of small businesses that could really benefit from increasing their exposure with our online press releases and I think we'll really be able to help them moving forward."

For more information on the PRNewsChannel Boston bureau, please visit or phone (617) 275-5510.

Media Contact:
Randy Scott
Boston Bureau Director of Operations
Selig Multimedia, Inc.
Phone: (617) 275-5510

Justin Herndon
Director of Publicity and News
Selig Multimedia, Inc.
Phone: (813) 708-1220


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