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Robert Toussie: $100+ million corporate investor and multi-million dollar philanthropist

There may be no perfect formula to becoming a successful corporate investment strategist and prolific philanthropist, but Robert Toussie makes it look easy to be a socially-conscious business mogul.

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Robert Toussie
 Robert Toussie has donated millions of dollars to charities around the world.

(PR NewsChannel) / October 15, 2010 / BROOKLYN, N.Y. / For Robert Toussie, finding a balance is key. He’s held true to the idea that it is not enough to become one of the most successful businessmen in New York; instead, it’s important to remember how that success can be put to good use to improve the community as a whole.

As he’s grown a fledgling young entrepreneur in Brooklyn in the 1940s to the modern day global business mogul making $100+ million corporate investments, Robert Toussie has been sure to donate millions of dollars to charities and non-profits both in his New York community and overseas. In so doing, he has ensured a brighter future and an improved quality of life for the less fortunate around the world.

Investing millions in business, charity

The past several decades have seen Robert Toussie grab headlines in prestigious publications like ‘The Wall Street Journal,’ ‘Forbes,’ and ‘The New York Times’ with his corporate investments, all topping the $100 million mark. Choosing to keep a diverse portfolio of business deals, he would find stable businesses that were suffering from temporary, yet curable, problems.

Robert Toussie would then make the financial investment necessary, frequently more than $100 million, to turn the company around. In mid 1980s, he led a group of investors who purchased a multi-million dollar stake in Zondervan Corp., a company on the cusp of becoming one of the biggest Bible publishers in the world. In 1986, he agreed to a deal to acquire the Heck’s department store chain for $145 million. The trend continued in 1989, when he made a $100 million bid to acquire the Lionel toy company.

These aggressive business dealings were matched in the private sector, as Robert Toussie also made a name for himself as a prolific philanthropist who strove to improve the quality of life and ease the suffering of the less fortunate around the world. His generous donations of both his time and his money were faith and race blind and included large sums of money for medical research and education. With each business success came an increased commitment to charity that showcased the balance he had in his career.

Robert Toussie stresses business-philanthropy balance

Perhaps no one understands better than Robert Toussie just how easy it can be for a budding entrepreneur to become one-sided and focus solely on business. He is, after all, a six-decade veteran of the business world and has been working in some capacity since he started selling candy on Bay Parkway in Brooklyn when he was just five years old. That early drive made him into one of the biggest financial success stories in New York, but it was Toussie’s passion for philanthropy that he credits with making him the more well-rounded business mogul he is today.

This commitment to charitable acts is something he has passed on to younger generations of his family as well. His son, Isaac Toussie, has helped continue his father’s charitable relationships, and has also forged new philanthropic associations with a diverse network of non-profits and charities of his own. He has worked with several charities who have helped the sick, blind and poor across the country, and it has been documented that thousands of people have benefited from his medical contributions. Lives have been saved, suffering has been diminished, and illnesses have been treated and, in some cases, even cured.

About Robert Toussie: For several decades, Robert Toussie was known as one of the most successful businessmen in New York. That reputation has changed somewhat over the last twenty years as his philanthropic endeavors have garnered more acclaim than his financial dealings. Toussie has been in business for nearly sixty years, and in doing so, has earned a reputation as one of the keenest corporate acquisition minds of his time. He has invested in, among others, real estate, department store chains, bible companies, food manufacturers and toy store chains. He has supported hospitals, medical research, food banks, organizations of religious peace, military organizations and homeless charities. He has been married for forty years, and has four children and six grandchildren.

About Isaac Toussie: One of the youngest entrepreneurial success stories in New York, Isaac Toussie has continued his family’s mission to give back to its community by helping those in need improve their quality of life. Success has followed the younger Toussie from an early age. He received the Finance Award at NYU in both his junior and senior years, and went on to receive his Masters in Business Administration from the NYU Stern School of Business at the age of 21 making him one of the youngest MBAs the school ever produced. He routinely helps the blind, widows, orphans and paraplegics with both his money and his time, and has helped thousands of needy members of his fellow community through dozens of charitable contributions over the last twenty years.



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