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Robert Toussie support helping to change the face of medical care

One of the most prolific philanthropists in New York, Robert Toussie demonstrates a commitment to helping the medical community go beyond traditional treatment methods with his support of the Haztolah ambulance service and the Mount Sinai Medical Center research team.

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Robert Toussie
 Robert Toussie's donations to Haztolah and the Mount Sinai Medical Center have helped the respected medical organizations save lives.

(PR NewsChannel) / October 13, 2010 / BROOKLYN, N.Y. / As a businessman, Robert Toussie earned a reputation as someone who was always among the first to recognize a potential new opportunity or investment. That passion and forward thinking has followed him into his philanthropy career, and nowhere is that more evident than in his support of the research and education efforts of Mount Sinai Medical Center and of the Haztolah ambulance service.

Through significant donations of both his time and his money, Robert Toussie has helped the two seemingly incongruous medical organizations help the overall medical community move beyond the status quo and embrace innovative forms of treatment to better serve their patients.

Donations fund research, home care

The Mount Sinai Medical Center, originally founded in 1852, became one of Robert Toussie’s favorite beneficiaries because its dedicated medical research staff seeks to address not only the ailments of its patients, but also the root causes of diseases and conditions that affect the lives of millions of people around the world. Toussie’s donations have helped fund research studies in fields like endocrinology, immunobiology and gastroenterology, and led to the formation of the Jerome D. Waye Endoscopy Educational Center.

Through generous donations like those from Robert Toussie, the Educational Center’s gastroenterologists have earned a reputation as leaders in the fight against gastroenterological disorders like peptic ulcers, colon fissures and liver disease. These same donations are also used by the Mount Sinai Medical Center’s immunobiology and endocrinology departments to help with the research and treatment of disorders and diseases like diabetes, thyroid cancer, ostepoerosis, AIDS, HIV, and arthritis.

Haztolah has seen a dramatic increase in its ambulance service coverage network since its founding in Brooklyn in the late 1960s. With the grassroots support from generous benefactors like Robert Toussie, the volunteer ambulance network has experienced remarkable expansion and now features more than 80 ambulances and more than 2,000 volunteer EMTs in the U.S., and has dozens of other branches around the world. The volunteer medical service works in cooperation with other EMS, Fire, Police and paramedic agencies to foster relationships within Jewish and secular communities and improve emergency response times to save lives.

Robert Toussie: Continued medical philanthropy

Medical organizations have long held a special significance to Robert Toussie and his philanthropic endeavors. In addition to his support for Mount Sinai Medical Center and Haztolah ambulance service, he is also one of the most prolific donors in the history of the Weill Cornell Medical College and the NYU Medical Center. His charitable work is also certainly not limited to the medical community. He has also made significant monetary donations to support food banks, military service member organizations, and Christian-based charities around the world.

His son, Isaac Toussie, has helped continue his family’s philanthropic mission, and has joined forces with his father to help improve the quality of life of those who are less fortunate. He has worked with several charities who have helped the sick, blind and poor across the country, and it has been documented that thousands of people have benefited from his medical contributions. Lives have been saved, suffering has been diminished, and illnesses have been treated and, in some cases, even cured.

About Robert Toussie: For several decades, Robert Toussie was known as one of the most successful businessmen in New York. That reputation has changed somewhat over the last twenty years as his philanthropic endeavors have garnered more acclaim than his financial dealings. Toussie has been in business for nearly sixty years, and in doing so, has earned a reputation as one of the keenest corporate acquisition minds of his time. He has invested in, among others, real estate, department store chains, bible companies, food manufacturers and toy store chains. In addition to his support for the Haztolah ambulance service and the Mount Sinai Medical Center, he has also supported food banks, organizations of religious peace, military organizations and homeless charities. He has been married for forty years, and has four children and six grandchildren.

About Isaac Toussie: One of the youngest entrepreneurial success stories in New York, Isaac Toussie has continued his family’s mission to give back to its community by helping those in need improve their quality of life. Success has followed the younger Toussie from an early age. He received the Finance Award at NYU in both his junior and senior years, and went on to receive his Masters in Business Administration from the NYU Stern School of Business at the age of 21 making him one of the youngest MBAs the school ever produced. He routinely helps the blind, widows, orphans and paraplegics with both his money and his time, and has helped thousands of needy members of his fellow community through dozens of charitable contributions over the last twenty years.



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