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Dwight Smith, NFL star-turned-entrepreneur, to launch game-changing new recruiting website for high school athletes

The former NFL record-holder teams with a growing list of professional athletes to create a one-stop destination for any high school athlete looking for a college scholarship.

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Dwight Smith
 Former NFL star and emerging business mogul Dwight Smith launched to help high school atheltes better market themselves in order to help them receive a college scholarship.

(PRNewsChannel) / October 12, 2010 / DETROIT / Dwight Smith, former star NFL safety and emerging entrepreneur, continues to establish himself in the business community with his latest venture,, an all-inclusive website designed to help high school athletes market themselves more effectively to college coaches. The site takes the features of existing recruiting websites like personalized video highlights, academic and athletic resumes, and up-to-date statistics and advances them a crucial step forward with its innovative new free social networking feature that lets high school athletes connect with one another to learn more about each other’s firsthand recruiting experiences.

Though the transition from professional athlete to successful businessman is never easy, Smith has thus far passed with flying colors. Already receiving buzz after the successful launch of earlier this month, Smith’s new project has received considerable financial backing, and continues to draw interest and participation from a growing cast of college and professional athletes. Smith says he’s excited to collaborate with this diverse network of players from a variety of sports and to be able to focus his burgeoning entrepreneurial talents on a subject he knows from experience will help countless young people navigate the murky waters of the college recruiting process.

“When I was coming up, you got noticed by going to camps or clinics that different colleges would have,” says Smith. “It made the process a lot harder, and it took the control of the situation away from the player and their family. The social networking aspect of the site changes that because it puts high schoolers in touch with each other and with college and even pro athletes who have been through the recruiting process already.”

The NFL record holder says he wouldn’t change his own high school recruiting process because he loved his time at the University of Akron, but Smith’s own lack of options coming out of high school is what Profile Athletes will change for future generations of high school athletes. Smith is careful not to put too much emphasis on athletics, however, because he stresses the end game isn’t about sports at all. Instead, he says, his latest business enterprise is focused primarily on education and making it easier for young men and women to receive a college education.

“The Profile Athletes venture grabbed my attention because I see how these economic times are causing kids to not be able to go to college,” says Smith. “Profile Athletes can give them another way out. You want your kids to have the best education they can get, and if you can get it for free, you can’t beat that.”

For more information, please visit or

About Born out of a desire to make it easier for high school athletes receive a college education, is the new venture of former NFL star and emerging business mogul Dwight Smith. Smith spent eight seasons as one of the top safeties in the league and won a Super Bowl title with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2003 when he became the first player in history to return two interceptions for touchdowns in the same Super Bowl. Along with Smith’s inside knowledge of the highest levels of sports, incorporates the tips and advice of a growing cast of college and professional athletes to help high school athletes market themselves to colleges and college coaches around the country. The site’s free social networking design and feel makes it easier than ever for high schoolers to post video highlights, athletic accomplishments and academic résumés so that any coach at any school of any size can find them. For more information about, please visit or

For interviews with Dwight Smith, please contact:
Katie Witkowski
Public Relations Director
Phone: (248) 719-8292


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