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Brett Favre Wrangler commercial: The ad should be pulled immediately, says crisis management PR expert

Brett Favre apparently dropped his Wranglers to take the racy photos, says PR expert, and you don't want your product to be the butt of jokes.

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Brett Favre Wranger ad.
 The Wranger ad that features Brett Favre should be pulled, says crisis management PR expert.

(PRNewsChannel) / October 11, 2010 / NEW YORK / With the Brett Favre sex scandal about to hit a climax tonight as the Minnesota Vikings battle the Jets in "Monday Night Football," a leading crisis management PR expert is recommending that Wrangler pull a commercial that features the star quarterback.

The Brett Favre Wrangler commercial has "Bad to the Bone" lyrics and a line about "satisfaction guaranteed."  Those are word combinations that don't play well when you have the Brett Favre sex scandal as a backdrop.

In the ad, Favre says "I'm comfortable in jeans that are tough... I'm comfortable in Wrangler."

But given the Brett Favre sex scandal, is that a commercial that Wrangler should continue to run? 

"They may be comfortable, but Brett Favre apparently dropped his Wranglers to take the racy photos--or at least that's what the late night jokes will be," says Glenn Selig, founder of The Publicity Agency (, a leading crisis management PR firm.  "When you have a punch line just waiting to be delivered and one that will associate your brand with the Brett Favre sex scandal, do you really want that if you're Wrangler?"

Selig says it's bad enough if you're Wrangler.  He says the only thing worse would be if Favre were a spokeman for an underwear company.

The sex scandal involving Brett Favre could cost him lucrative endorsement deals. 

Wrangler and other companies bought into Brett Favre for his family man image.  The scandal involving allegations that he sent a woman who is not his wife photos of his private parts doesn't not fit that image.

Brett Favre sex scandal fallout
The website broke that story last week and posted naked photos on its website along with text messages and voicemails allegedly left by Favre.  The website believes that naked body part photos are of Favre's private parts.  The website did not digitize the pictures. 

Brett Favre has not commented on whether the photos are of him or not.

"If these photos are not of him then he should've squashed the story already," says Selig.  "The fact that he hasn't denied it will lead the public believe that they are of him.  Unfortunately for him saying nothing won't make the story go away.  In fact, it only encourages the media to keep making discoveries and each discovery will only make the story bigger," says Selig.

ESPN reported today that Brett Favre apologized to his teammates for being a distraction to the team, however he did not address the photos. 

My main focus is the New York Jets, they are a tough team; as good as they are, that has been my focus. I hate in any way if this has been a distraction as I said Thursday- we are here focused on trying to beat the Jets,” he told ESPN.

Late last week the NFL said it would investigate.

Wrangler Commericial:


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