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Tampa-based Press Release Distribution Company Could Take a Hit if Tampa Bay Rays Win the World Series

Emerging Tampa-based press release distribution company puts money on the line offering full refunds to celebrate a Rays World Series win.

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(PR NewsChannel) / October 08, 2008 / Tampa, Fla. / There's a whole lot on the line as the Tampa Bay Rays baseball team takes a swing at the World Series--including tens, possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars in refunds. 

This is no gimick:  Companies distributing press releases on Tampa-based between now and Oct. 24 have a chance to receive a full refund if the Rays win the World Series. 

At a time when money is tight for the corporate world, the press release distribution site PRNewsChannel already offers an affordable, competitive alternative to expensive press release distribution companies.  This, the company says, raises the stakes.

"For a business that’s trying to trim costs in this economic downturn, PRNewsChannel offers press release distribution for less," says  Glenn Selig, president and CEO of Selig Multimedia, Inc. and founder of  "With this latest effort we're trying to give even non-sports fans a reason to celebrate if the Rays win the World Series."

The Rays take on the Boston Red Sox for the American League Championship Series beginning Friday.  If the Rays beat the Sox for the American League pennant, the team will be in the World Series for the first time in franchise history.

Here’s how the promotion works: Any company (publicly traded, small business, not for profits, et. al.) registers through the Web site ( and distributes a press release. If the Rays win the World Series, PRNewsChannel will refund the full distribution cost.  There’s one 'catch': Those sending a release MUST mention the phrase ‘RAYSWIN’ or put that in the comments section of the membership sign-up form to qualify for the refund.

“This is a great way to support our local baseball team and at the same time introduce our business,” says Selig.  

PRNewsChannel recently expanded its online reach and is affiliated with AOL Finance, Google Finance and hundreds of other online Web sites.  The company says it may be lesser known, but dollar for dollar stands up against more expensive, well-known competitors.

“It’s just like the Rays have stood up to the challenge against the Yankees and Red Sox all year,” says Justin Herndon, director of publicity and news at Selig Multimedia, Inc., the parent company of PRNewsChannel. “It’s time to notice the little guy in the fight that’s just as capable, if not more, to get the job done. The Rays do it with less money on their payroll and we do it for less money to each company, too.”

About PRNewsChannel: PRNewsChannel is owned and operated by Selig Multimedia, Inc. Founded in 2007, PRNewsChannel is one of the fastest growing press release distribution services. sends company press releases via email to journalists worldwide and circulates press releases online through strategic partnerships with AOL, Google, Google Finance, and leading financial content aggregators.

Media Contact: 
Glenn Selig

Phone:  (813) 948-7767 or cell: (813) 300-5454
Web site:

Justin Herndon

cell:  (813) 528-6815
Web site:



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