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New Online Tool Makes it Easy to Optimize Web sites for Search Engines shows how search engines like Google and Yahoo read Web sites for Search Engine Optimization purposes and suggests ways to make them better.

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(PR NewsChannel) / October 07, 2008 / New York, N.Y. / One of the toughest jobs to get noticed on the Internet has just gotten easier, thanks to a new Web site that makes search engine optimization (SEO) a breeze.

The new online tool not only automates a usually laborious process, it also breaks down how a particular Web site performs against dozens of important SEO factors and then provides directions and links on how to get the website in top-running order. incorporates all the issues and ways to optimize a Web site and it keeps track of all of them while giving suggestions on the best ways to optimize a particular Web site.  Instead of having to study all the issues necessary for search engine optimization, anybody can use to get an all-in-one approach to prioritizing the much critical issues.

“One of the major benefits of this tool is just how complete the process is,” says Javier Colayco, founder of “Many people think optimizing their website is too complicated to even think about, but with our website, you get a full diagnostic view and suggestions on how to make changes.”
The online tool gives new insight to the small business owner trying to improve performance among potential customers searching the Internet.

And it also gives upper management in a large business a unique view into how their site is doing at any given time.

In both cases, offers businesses a chance to take search engine optimization into their own hands.

Colayco is a Harvard Business School graduate who has been involved in launching several successful Web sites and search engine optimizing each of them. With, his experience is automatically passed on to the everyday webmaster.
For more information or to test the online tool, please visit

About  Formed in 2008, SEO Site Checkup analyzes websites and gives recommendations to improve search engine results. The suggestions are set up to help websites load faster, rank higher for certain search terms and keywords, and get more visitors to each website.

Javier Colayco

Phone:  (646) 283-5523
Web site:



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