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Shocking, Emmy Award-Winning Program on Crystal Meth Prepared to Air in Sonora, Mexico After Success in Arizona

Childhelp 'Crystal Darkness' already creating a big impact internationally. - September 26, 2008

childhelp crystal darkness.JPG

(PRNewsChannel) / Scottsdale, Ariz. / On October 1, hundreds of thousands of Sonorans will tune in to watch a shocking documentary on the dangers of Crystal Meth told through the powerful testimonies of young people who have gone through the dark and lonely depths of the addiction.

The powerful documentary, the centerpiece of a massive city by city, state by state campaign, has garnered the attention of residents in regions across the United States when it airs. In Arizona alone, the program reached an estimated 2.5 million residents, took over 1,200 phone calls from persons seeking help with meth addiction and is still talked about six months later. In one week, the program will be broadcast to an international audience.

Childhelp Crystal Darkness will air on 72 television stations, 130 cable programs and 90 radio stations throughout Sonora, Mexico, according to Sergio Zaragoza, Director General of Telemax in Hermosillo Sonora.

“There has been a big response from the community all over the state,” said Zaragoza. “We promoted the program on one of our stations in the last few days, and a woman came right in with her children crying for help with her meth addiction.”

Telemax has been aggressively promoting the program for the last month, and the community is taking notice. Over 30 billboards, 200,000 flyers and numerous promotions have been peppered across the Mexican state. Nearly 600 households will host viewing parties for other residents to come watch the program and over 100 TV personalities have been trained to speak on meth addiction and Childhelp Crystal Darkness.

The effort has prompted local law enforcement across Sonora to be more proactive. “We’ve actually seen more efficiency out of our police force to detain meth users,” said Zaragoza.

Childhelp, a U.S. national child abuse prevention and treatment organization, was the presenting sponsor of the Arizona Childhelp Crystal Darkness program and helped bring the program to Sonora, Mexico. The non-profit has plans to maintain the hotline it runs in Arizona for years to come and to bring the Childhelp Crystal Darkness program to international audiences.

“We were so impressed with the program we jumped on board to bring it internationally,” said John Reid, Executive Director of Childhelp. “We’re glad to be the presenting sponsor of Childhelp Crystal Darkness and to grow it around the globe. There is a huge connection between meth users and child abusers. By fighting one, we can help the other.”

The Childhelp Crystal Darkness campaign is actively seeking new host communities. To learn more about the program and how your region can become involved, contact 1-800-955-2454 or visit

About Childhelp Crystal Darkness
Childhelp Crystal Darkness is told through the powerful testimonies of young people who have gone through the dark and lonely depths of Meth addiction. With heart wrenching and raw honesty, they speak to their generation with an unforgettable message of warning. The program is targeted for youths and their parents, but the message extends with conviction to an entire community and throughout North America.

The Childhelp Crystal Darkness Campaign is a unique collaboration between local media, schools, law enforcement, recovery specialists, faith organizations and the business community. These organizations work together to help victims, create awareness and prevent drug use.

The program is sponsored by Childhelp, a national child abuse prevention and treatment non-profit organization. Childhelp is responsible for maintaining the program’s hotline, 1-888-METH-AID, in addition to its child abuse hotline, 1-800-4-A-CHILD. The non-profit organization reports over two-thirds of the cases of child abuse it handles have a direct correlation to meth use or production by the child’s parents or guardian.

The program has previously aired in: San Diego, Calif.; Sacramento, Calif.; Las Vegas, Nev.; Reno, Nev.; El Paso, Texas; Oregon; New Mexico; Arizona; and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Campaigns are currently under way in Oklahoma, Colorado, Arkansas, Washington and Central California. To learn more visit the Web site at

Media Contacts:
Derrek Hofrichter/ Matt Dutile
Gordon C. James Public Relations
480-297-8445 (cell)/ 480-296-6193 (cell)

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