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ACORN and Voter Fraud: TTP Defends Organizers

Group responds To congressional inquiry on voter registration fraud. - September 24, 2008

truth to power.JPG

(PRNewsChannel) / Raleigh, N.C. / Gregory Hall of Truth To Power, the recently launched progressive group dedicated to reforming the corruption of top officials at the community organizer entity ACORN, released the following statement regarding today's joint hearing by House Judiciary and Administration committees on ensuring a clean election in 2008:

"Today, Congress did the right thing by investigating allegations of voter registration fraud by ACORN and Project Vote. We are all harmed when an organization endangers the sanctity of our votes everywhere from Connecticut to Florida, and from Wisconsin to New Mexico.

"This is clearly a nationwide pattern that can only be the result of a political machine directed from the top. The notion that 'rogue' canvassers and organizers have run amok is just absurd.

"We hope legislators will remember that there's a huge difference between the top executives of ACORN who have put this broken system into place and the group's hard-working community organizers and canvassers.

"Whether it's the recent revelations of $1 million embezzlement by top ACORN insiders or the wrongful reputation of fraud by being associated with ACORN's alleged voter fraud, ACORN's community organizers are being hurt and that's just not right."

"Congress needs to investigate top ACORN officials, but they need to be careful not to blame organizers for the alleged sins of a few fat cats running the group."

On a personal note, Hall added: "As a resident of North Carolina, where ACORN is under investigation for dozens of faulty registration cards, I hope elections officials will thoroughly investigate ACORN's actions. Just remember: don't blame the organizers for the executives' bad machine."

About Truth to Power:
Truth To Power is a national campaign to reform and strengthen our movement of social-justice organizers from the bottom up. With our allies, supporters, and members we are going to earn respect on the job and reform and strengthen our organizations at the same time.

Contact: Gregory Hall

Phone: 919-721-7363
Web site:

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