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Hillary Clinton and FEC Charged with Complicity in Illegal 2006 Report and FEC Settlement

Based on the Dept. of Justice prosecutor's definition of the illegality charged against Hillary Clinton's finance director in 2005, the FEC and Hillary Clinton repeated the identical illegality six months later with top donor Peter Paul's personal $1.2 million contribution to produce Clinton's largest fundraiser with Cher, Brad Pitt, John Travolta, Larry King was hidden from 'the public's right to know.'

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 Hillary Clinton poses with the largest contributor to her 2000 Senate Campaign, Peter Paul in 2005.

(PRNewsChannel) / January 07, 2008 / Washington D.C. - The top donor to Sen. Hillary Clinton's 2000 campaign filed a new complaint with the Federal Election Commission asking the agency to set aside its 2006 settlement with Hillary Clinton's campaign committee for violating federal election laws based on his original complaint in 2001 and to re-open its investigation into Clinton's personal role in illegally soliciting and then illegally covering up more than $1.2 million in illegal contributions obtained from Peter Paul.

The new complaint by Peter Paul, Hollywood entrepreneur and erstwhile business partner of Bill Clinton, asserts the Conciliation Agreement Hillary's campaign entered into with the FEC to resolve his first complaint unlawfully immunized Clinton for violations the FEC is obligated to prosecute. (Hillary's campaign concluded the FEC settlement in January 2006, by admitting hiding more than $700,000 in contributions and paying a fine of $35,000).

Paul's lawyer Colette Wilson maintained that unless the FEC sets aside the agreement and Rescinds immunity granted the Senator and others the agency itself will "have aided and abetted in the commission of a felony" based on Department of Justice Prosecutor Dan Schwager's characterization of the crime in the trial of Hillary's finance director David Rosen. Schwager told the Rosen jury in May 2005 that it was a crime to deprive the public's right to know that "Peter Paul personally gave more than $1.2 million" to Hillary Clinton's campaign. Wilson declared the December 2005" conciliation agreement while giving the Appearance of discharging the Commission's duties in reality gave the Commission's blessing to what can only be described as a repetition of the very crimes for which David Rosen was prosecuted"
TheVanguard.Org founder and chairman Rod Martin has confirmed that he and his newly established public interest group are joining with Paul and his legal team to compel the government to remedy the unprecedented situation where a federal commission appears to be aiding and abetting a federal candidate in making a false report that the Department of Justice has defined, in a criminal prosecution of the candidate's finance director, as a felony violation of the law.
"It is unconscionable that the Federal Election Commission has knowingly allowed Hillary Clinton to file a fourth false report" Martin stated. "The FEC is immunizing her from prosecution as part of a cover-up of the fact that Hillary has lied about and hidden. The fact that she and President Clinton induced Peter Paul personally to spend more than $1.2 million to elect Hillary Clinton to the US Senate --- even though the Justice Department prosecuted her finance director for the very same crime. Does anyone seriously doubt that if this were Mike Huckabee --- or Barack Obama --- they'd be putting them in jail and throwing away the key?"
"Most disturbing" the complaint says "was the intentional refusal by the Commission to review, assess or further investigate clear evidence of illegal actions taken by Senator Clinton (directly and through agents including the President)while at the same time purporting to forever exonerate Senator Clinton her 2000 Senate campaign and their agents of any possible wrongdoing" in connection with Paul's contributions.
Interviews with Colette Wilson, Rod Martin and Peter Paul available.
Media Contact: Ben Barrack, Equal Justice in America Foundation
Phone:  512 966 0983 - 888 709 5577
Web site:
This press release was issued by  For more information, please visit
Source: Equal Justice in America Foundation

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