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Doggy Daycares, Vets Offering Live Camera Feeds to Attract Customers

The trend started with daycares for children. But using live webcams so pet owners can keep an eye on their pets is becoming a popular trend because it’s become affordable.

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(PRNewsChannel) / November 1, 2007 / Detroit, Mich. – Pet owners no longer need to wonder how their dogs are doing at the groomer or at daycare.  A growing number of pet care businesses are installing live webcams to attract customers who want to be able to check on their pets any time of day or night.

“People love their pets and some would like to keep an eye on them even when they’re not there,” says Kelli Gapski, founder of, based near Detroit, Mich.  “Their pets are like their kids.”

Doggie Daycare Webcam

The idea of installing live webcams began with children daycares because parents wanted to see their little ones while at work.  Technology—specifically the Internet—has made it possible and affordable. now configures webcam systems for doggy daycares, veterinarians and even for pet owners themselves who want to be able to see their beloved pet at any time.

The webcams can be hard-wired or wireless and installed anywhere in a business or home.  The webcams then broadcast the video over a secure Internet site via an existing high-speed Internet connection that can be accessed from any laptop, desktop or even browser compatible cell phone.

Gapski says businesses and homeowners want to control who sees what cameras and when so her system allows for that.

She says her customers have the ability to assign user names and passwords to restrict access and set the cameras to turn on and off at certain times of day.   “It’s simple to set up and even simpler to log on to monitor your pet,” says Gapski.  “It’s also surprisingly affordable.”

The cost:  Less than a $1,000 for a three-webcam system and that includes the Online Camera Management system.

About configures live webcams that can be installed in any business or home to keep watch of pets while owners are out of sight.  The live feeds are accessed via a secure Web site from any desktop, laptop or browser compatible cell phone.

Interview Requests:  Kelli Gapski is available for television, radio or newspaper interviews.

Contact:  Kelli Gapski
Phone:  (586) 854-0051
Web site:
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