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‘Edibles’ Calendar Connects Nutritionist with Homeless Past

Known for her calendars that feature food but once homeless herself, Dr. Marilyn Joyce donates 15% from each calendar sale to children going hungry during the holidays. - December 20, 2008

(PRNewsChannel) / Murrieta, Calif. / Nestled between Los Angeles and San Diego, Dr. Marilyn Joyce, Ph.D. decided to call Murrieta home.  But there was a time in her life when Joyce didn’t have a home at all.  She was teenager in Toronto, Canada and homeless.  She lived on the streets feeling unloved, cold and lonely. 

It’s the part of her life that Joyce, known by many as “The Vitality Doctor” and the promoter of the “Edibles Calendar,” still finds painful to talk about.

“Your self esteem is down the toilet,” says Joyce.  “It took me a long time to get back my self esteem.”

She’s revealing this time in her life because of the realization that because of the recession there are many families who will become homeless.  She predicts that many of these new homeless will be children—like she was.  It’s an emotionally charged flashback to where she was many years ago.

“Lots of people have lost their homes due to the economy,” she says.  “These are scary times.”

She wanted to do something to help.  So, she’s decided to donate 15% of the proceeds from her calendars to help homeless organizations.

calendar front Photobucket

“The sale of one calendar will fund one turkey dinner,” says Joyce.  “There are many children who are homeless who need food or a Christmas present to brighten their day.  I want to help these families.”

She says she also wants to send a message to those who are homeless and who feel hopeless and helpless—especially the children who likely lack self-esteem or hope because of their current situation.

“I was homeless and I’m not now - you can get off the streets,” says Joyce, who had at least one good Samaritan who stepped forward to help her.  “There are people who care.  You can come from the streets and still create the life of your dreams.”

Each calendar, which costs $13.99, captures the essence of food in beautiful true-to-life photographs. Joyce says they make great Christmas or Hannukah presents.  And she says at the same time, the calendars are a painless way to help the homeless.

“We have at least 6000 homeless kids in this part of Southern California alone,” says Joyce.  “The calendar could be a beautiful reminder of the care you provided for someone less fortunate.”

Laurie Poel or Marilyn Joyce 

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