Needs Of Learning Disabled Ignored In Workplace Training
The Krysalis Group - March 15, 2007
Half of all workers may have a learning disability. Yet they rarely reveal it and employers fail to address their needs.

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New York, NY -- Employees with learning disabilities conceal their disability out of embarrassment or for fear that revealing it will ruin their careers, according to a workplace consulting firm.

The Krysalis Group, based in New York City, offers a variety of consulting services to businesses.  It specializes in the development of training to accommodate workers with learning disabilities.

“The most common issue is that training is done one way without the awareness or sensitivity that these people are in the organization,” says Donna Flagg of The Krysalis Group.  “Workplaces are not addressing the need because they don’t know it exists.”


Flagg began her career at Chanel and also worked for Goldman Sachs before starting The Krysalis Group.  Because she has a learning disability herself, she understands first-hand the challenges workers with learning disabilities face and how to deal with them.


She succeeded in the corporate world despite her learning disability because she figured out a way to get things done.


But, she concedes, it would’ve been a lot easier had the corporate world understood her needs and worked with her to succeed.    


“Even though companies expend massive efforts and resources on bringing diversity to the company,” says Flagg, “they are failing to look at how to maximize the diversity among and between people who are already there.”


One in five people in the U.S. have a learning disability, according to the U.S. Dept. of Education.  But experts say many people go undiagnosed or don’t disclose it.  Some believe that up to half of the U.S. workforce may have a learning disability.


Instead of ignoring the issue, Bragg says by addressing it employers can create inclusion.


“It’s kind of a neat way to bring people together,” says Bragg.  “The win-win here is that it goes not only to the heart of organizational diversity, but productivity as well because it will help people perform better by opening opportunities they have to learn and process the information and corporate communications coming to them.”


Flagg says she helps companies adapt their training programs so that they address the needs of all workers.


“We know it’s not about how people learn because everyone learns differently learning disability or not,” says Bragg, “It’s about how people see, think, process and interpret information.


About The Krysalis Group:  Based in New York City, The Krysalis Group is a consulting firm founded in 2001 specializing in workplace learning, organizational productivity, and its relationship to improving business results.  Krysalis delivers programs and strategic solutions that drive employee performance, product performance and business growth.


Contact:  Donna Flagg, The Krysalis Group 

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Phone:  (212) 925-2934




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