Radio Talk Show Host Begins Mission to Energize Sluggish Housing Market - October 04, 2007
Joe Raineri plans to hold seminars in cities across Florida to teach realtors, investors and would be buyers the opportunities that real estate brings during volatile times.

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W. Palm Beach, Fla. – Talk show host Joe Raineri who’s already leading an on air and grassroots revolt against Florida’s “fix” to the property tax mess, has now embarked on a new mission to re-energize the state’s real estate market.
“There’s so much gloom and doom from the media and their analysts,” says Raineri, host of What Are You Kidding Me? The Real Estate Show With An Attitude on 1290am WJNO in West Palm Beach.  “But that negative talk is only making matters worse.  People need a reason to be excited about real estate again. ”

So he’s taking his show on the road to educate the public and other realtors on why this real estate market offers opportunities for first-time homebuyers and real estate investors.

“There are a lot of great foreclosure opportunities in this market but buyers and real estate agents need to know what they’re doing,” says Raineri.

He says he worries about the so-called real estate gurus who swoop into cities to supposedly show people how to “get rich quick” by buying real estate but are really only experts in swindling money “because they don’t teach you anything,” says Raineri.

That’s why Raineri, a sought after foreclosure consultant for the past 15 years, is putting together seminars in cities statewide and lending his name to the effort that will assemble all the major players involved in real estate transactions.  Participants will hear from title companies, lenders, home inspectors and contractors as well as current loss mitigation representatives who will guide them in understanding how lenders view foreclosures and short sales.

In this type of volatile real estate market, he says, it’s vital for real estate agents and would-be buyers to understand the short sale process from every angle and to realize that there’s a good chance they’ll be working with someone desperate to sell.

“Being able to work with distressed homeowners and to know what lender’s look for could be the difference between success and failure,” says Raineri.

He says it’s not necessary to have years of experience to make money with foreclosures and short sales, but it’s important to realize it’s not simple either.

“Many think short sales are just putting the forms together and then submitting them to the lender,” says Raineri, “there’s a lot more to it.”

About What Are You Kidding Me? The Real Estate Show With An Attitude Radio Show:  The show, hosted by Joe Raineri, airs on 1290am WJNO in West Palm Beach.  Raineri talks about the many real estate issues facing Florida homeowners today. 

Interview Requests:  Joe Raineri is available for interviews.

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