Michigan Company Gives Homeowners Personal Home Makeovers
PersonalHomeMakeover.com - September 26, 2007
PersonalHomeMakeover.com helps stressed-out home sellers makeover their homes until they can sell.

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Howell, Mich. – While ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover provides a great escape, the reality for thousands of homeowners in Michigan is frustration over their inability to sell and sinking home values.

Instead of ABC coming to the rescue, it’s PersonalHomeMakeover.com, a Michigan-based Web site that makes makeovers easier and more affordable than ever, that's helping Michiganders during this downturn in the housing market.

“Some homeowners would like to move, but can’t sell,” says Todd Hallett, a Detroit-area architectural designer and creator of PersonalHomeMakeover.com.  “While they wait, we help them live more comfortably and make their homes more attractive.”

Hallett and his Web site get projects off to a quick start for a lot less than ever before possible. 

Hallett, who also has extensive home building experience, creates custom redesign sketches of a home’s exterior for $129.95. 

“People send me photos of the ‘before,’ describe what they want for the ‘after’ and submit a realistic budget and I give them a custom designed sketch.  “It gets them started and when it comes to home redesigning that’s half the battle.”

Most remodeling projects add significant value to a home and could give it the edge in a tough housing market or help people feel better about the home they are living in, says Hallett.

About PersonalHomeMakeover.com:  Personal Home Makeover offers affordable architectural design packages that help homeowners professionally plan the exterior and interior remodeling of homes.    

Interview Requests:  Todd Hallett is available for television, radio or newspaper interviews.

Contact:  Glenn Selig, ThePublicityAgency.com
Email:  glenn @ thepublicityagency.com
Phone:  (813) 300-5454
Web site: 


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