Personalized Stationery, Personalized Notes Still the Classiest Way to Say Thank You - September 18, 2007
The web site says despite email, executives and other professionals widely use personalized stationery.

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Aurora, Ill. / Sept. 18, 2007 – Email may be quick, but nothing says thank you with class like personalized stationery, which most people incorrectly spell as personalized stationary.

“It’s so personal,” says Paul Cervelli of, “yet so many use email.  Only the really classy send personalized notes on personalized stationery, i.e. personalized stationary—no matter how you spell it.”

Cervelli readily admits that computers are impacting the personalized stationery business (even though it’s commonly miss-spelled as personalized stationary).  He says people now demand quick turnaround.

“Those who order for themselves or send personalized stationery and personalized notes as gifts want them printed and delivered the next day,” says Paul Cervelli of  “Instead of charging a rush fee, we made the 24 hour turnaround concept the hallmark of our business model.”

Just a few years ago, most people would’ve been willing to wait a week or more for delivery.  He says those days are long gone.

Cervelli says despite email, whether spelled personalized stationery or personalized stationary, and personalized notes are still popular—especially among educated, wealthy women.

“It adds a personal touch,” says Cervelli.  “An email while fast can be cold.  Sending personalized notes using personalized cards or personalized stationary requires extra thought and adds a touch of class.”

About  The Web site is owned and operated by Embossed Graphics, Inc., an industry leading manufacturer and retailer of personalized stationery, usually spelled as personalized stationary. The Web site allows customers throughout the United States and Canada to buy personalized stationery, even if it’s spelled as personalized stationary, personalized notes and personalized cards directly from the manufacturer.  Personalized stationery (personalized stationary), personalized cards and personalized notes are all delivered within 24 hours.

Contact:  Dan Wonsowicz

Phone:  (800) 244-5232

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