New Book: Former Navy Pilot, Harvard Educated Lawyer Draws on Life Experiences to Write Espionage Thriller - September 12, 2007
In “The Valley of Death,” author Gwynne Huntington Wales has readers thinking like a terrorist, acting like a spy and maneuvering like their lives depend on it.

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New York, NY — Author Gwynne Huntington Wales had no idea that his celebrated career as a Navy pilot turned international attorney might someday land him on a New York Times Best-Seller List.  His new book The Valley of Death could just get him there.

The Valley of Death (iUniverse, Inc., $23.95) is a timely fast-paced thriller that gives readers incredible insight into the anti-terrorism activities of the world’s intelligence agencies.


Return to 2002.  The world is still reeling from terrorists hitting the U.S.  A British spy tips off the CIA that someone just sold Iraqi nerve gas to enemy number one:  Al Qaeda.   In an intensive, two-week battle of wits, Jan Vandermeer finds himself in a remote valley in northeast Iraq following a deadly trail that leads him straight to a nerve-gas laden lake at the head of the valley.


"Thriller and espionage aficionados won’t be able to put The Valley of Death down," says Wales. "It portrays the difficulties encountered by the field agents involved in counterterrorism activities as well as in establishing and maintaining personal relationships." 


The book weaves the story of how Vandermeer teams with his Iraqi partner, the beautiful Sophia to locate the nerve gas and the maniacal players in this high stakes game.  Then, a decision must be made:  Destroy the canister of gas before terrorists transport it out of the country or protect their sources and allow the terrorists to move the gas towards their ultimate target—the United States.


“These characters are faced with complicated and very deadly decisions,” says Wales. “Does stopping the bad guys dead in their tracks justify an important highly placed spy becoming collateral damage?”


Gwynne Wales is a fascinating interview who has succeeded in bringing to life a true espionage masterpiece born of his travel around the globe and his unique ability to craft a tale that leaves his readers breathless.


About Gwynne Wales:  Gwynne Wales is a former Navy P-2 pilot with operational experience in the eastern Mediterranean. He is also a former international lawyer who practiced in Brussels and Ankara as well as New York. He has lived and worked in both the world of action and technology. He’s a graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Law School and lives in Connecticut with his wife.


Interview Requests:  Gwynne Wales is available for television, radio or newspaper interviews.  The book is available for reviewers.


Contact:  Gwynne Huntington Wales

Email:  Walesgh @

Phone:  (203) 256-2780




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