New Book: Mystic to the Stars Writes Book About Princess Diana
AthenaStar - September 01, 2007

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Sarasota, Fla. - Our love affair with celebrities is never-ending.  We love movie and television stars, political stars, humanitarians and singing stars. They are a daily part of our lives.  And now, in the new book Celebrities in Spirit Mystic Athena Star offers her connections to them in the afterworld. 

Star says she has spent her life relaying words of wisdom from travelers to the great beyond to travelers of life here on Earth. In the book, she relays the myriad of celebrities whom she says have revealed their insights and inspirational thoughts through her.


Princess Diana told me her mission to assist humanity continues in the celestial realms and reveals sacred truths and messages for the world in “Celebrities in Spirit.”  

 “I see and hear her directly as a special gift since her passing on Aug 31, 1997,” says Star.


Elvis Presley conveys the symbolism of his songs to help others and he reveals mysteries about existence in the afterlife, as well as messages for Priscilla & LisaMarie,”

He first communicated to me on Kauai, where “Blue Hawaii was filmed,” says Star.


“JFK’s Message is ask not what the world can do for you, but what you can do for the world - universal law prevails.”


In her book, Celebrities in Spirit, AfterLife Wisdom for Mastery & Success,”(Authorhouse Books, 2007) Star relays the wisdom of some of the world’s greatest celebrities and architects of world events.   Elvis Presley, Johnny Carson, Judy Garland, Martin Luther King, Jr., Gandhi, Mother Theresa, John Lennon Howard Hughes and other extraordinary spirits she says have opened lines of spirit communication to the her.  Star has been a visionary consultant, teacher and spiritual messenger for the past two decades.


Athena Star is a compelling and enlightening interview. She has traveled the globe teaching thousands in her life-transformational sessions and seminars for personal and career success, empowerment, prosperity, relationships, and spiritual development. She is a renowned motivational speaker and author.


Interview Requests:  Athena Star is available for television, radio and newspaper interviews.


Phone:  (808) 258-1063



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