Stop Hiring the Wrong People: New, Cutting Edge Technology Makes it Possible - July 24, 2007
Large employers often discover the hard way that asking perspective hires how they’ll perform on the job just doesn’t work. Here’s what does.

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San Jose, Calif - Attention corporate America:  What if it were possible to avoid hiring the wrong people?


The time may have finally come.


“This technology has the potential to save companies millions of dollars,” says Melinda Carlisle, President of, “but this is so new most corporations don’t even know it’s possible to prevent costly hiring mistakes with such precision.”


Whether people quit or are fired, recruiting, rehiring and retraining cost companies around $10,000 for an entry level job and up to $150,000 for a sales or management position, experts estimate.


The solution, Carlisle says, is not about hiring better recruiters or coaches or even about creating innovative ways to increase retention. It’s about identifying the people who will have problems in the workplace and are likely to be unsuccessful, BEFORE you hire them.


“I’m amazed that in many companies hiring people is still largely about guessing when it doesn’t have to be,” says Carlisle.


As an organizational development consultant, Carlisle says over the years she has investigated assessment options for clients. She’s found that many companies do use assessments, but because those assessments are often “self-report” in nature, the predictive accuracy just isn’t there. And she says that when applicants describe themselves, there’s a real possibility of bias.


“What I found is a lot of companies using well-researched assessments but getting very little in the way of greater predictive accuracy, which they need to make good hiring and development decisions,” Carlisle says. “Data on employees has to be objective and backed up by science. A company’s bottom line depends on it.”


Right-Hire utilizes cutting edge benchmarking technology to measure current employees’ decision-making talent to ultimately determine what factors make an excellent employee top-notch, and an underperforming employee mediocre.


“If I am a hiring manager, this is what I want to know: How do I hire someone that will be successful in our culture?” says Carlisle. “This technology helps us identify those qualities objectively and then we create a screening tool so they never have to make a bad hire again.”


The Pros of Benchmarking


If a top Sales Engineer at Company X possesses a unique set of characteristics to be successful, benchmarking doesn’t just identify those characteristics, but it also identifies the specific characteristics which differentiate that individual from the bottom performers in that same company.


“This isn’t about cloning your best people,” says Carlisle.  “It’s even better.”


Carlisle says the advantage of benchmarking is that it identifies specific characteristics that the top performers possess that the bottom performers don’t, as well as the problems the bottom performers have that the top performers don’t.


The top performers have problems too, but those problems will have little impact on performance, she says.


“What we’re looking to identify are the problems which are significant enough to create failure,” says Carlisle.  “With this process, hiring and even development and training can be extremely precise.”


Carlisle predicts that benchmarking employee talent in order to improve hiring outcomes will rapidly become the standard.


“The benefit of benchmarking is that it scientifically and objectively measures the capacity for future performance of prospective employees within a company’s unique corporate environment,” says Carlisle.


Deborah Feng of NASA uses the technology.  The precision and accuracy are astounding,” she says.


In fact, NASA has been using the Right-Hire Assessment technology for years.


“When comparing this assessment technology to what we have used in the past, it’s like comparing an MRI to a conventional x-ray,” says Feng.


Carlisle says hiring and developing great employees will always be somewhat of an art because someone can have great talent and attitude and be negatively affected by environmental factors and personal crisis. 


“But it is definitely possible for companies to reduce their risk and costs by avoiding bad hires. It isn’t magic. It’s science!”


About Right-Hire:  Right-Hire helps companies avoid bad hires and retain the key employees they have.  The company utilizes technology that makes it possible to dramatically decrease employee turnover by predicting the future performance of employees in a company’s corporate environment.


Interview Requests:  Melinda Carlisle is available for television, radio and newspaper interviews.


Contact:  Melinda Carlisle, Right-Hire

Email:  Melinda  @

Phone:  (408) 834-7768


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