Florida PR Firm Offers President Bush Pro Bono Media Coaching
O’Connell & Goldberg, Inc. - August 14, 2007

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Hollywood, Fla. - Whether they endorse him or oppose him, a growing number of Americans often feel, well, uncomfortable when President Bush speaks.  As they see the president on TV, hear him on radio or read his remarks in newspapers, their perceptions are reinforced.  Hollywood, Fla.-based O’Connell & Goldberg Public Relations believes how those views are being presented to the public may detract from the intended message.

With that in mind, the firm has volunteered to, in essence, come to the aid of our country.

O’Connell & Goldberg recently extended an invitation to The White House in which it volunteered to provide a “beyond the Beltway” approach to presidential communications.  The PR agency is offering – pro bono – to immerse President Bush in the same media coaching exercises it extends to its retained clients.  The proposition is strictly for media training – not full service public relations. 

“We’re not trying to shape administration policies,” says O’Connell & Goldberg partner Jim O’Connell.  “It’s all about national pride and how people perceive America.  Right now, we’re convinced the way America’s messages are being delivered, largely through the president, is being viewed as somewhat less than exemplary.”

According to O’Connell, there’s plenty that could be done to help polish the president’s presentations, from his vocabulary, tenor of speech, inflection and pace of delivery to posture, facial expressions and overall body language.  The agency would work with President Bush to enhance his vocal dexterity and help him project a positive image.  In addition to reviewing the keys to a winning interview style, agency professionals would place the president before a camera during simulated scenarios and critique his performance to reinforce proper interview techniques.

“Given the opportunity, we’d invite President Bush to our office for a couple of days, give him lunch, and run him through his paces, after which, we believe the world would see a more polished ‘Dubya’,” says co-partner Barbara Goldberg.

About O'Connell & Goldberg:  O’Connell & Goldberg is an independent, full-service public relations firm established in 1993.  The agency provides publicity and media relations, communications counsel and strategy, community relations, special events, promotions, media coaching and crisis communications services to diverse clientele, including real estate, corporate, travel and tourism, retail, health care, food & beverage and the performing arts.

Jim O’Connell joconnell @ oconnellgoldberg.com
Barbara W. Goldberg bgoldberg @ oconnellgoldberg.com
Phone: (954) 964-9098
Website: www.oconnellgoldberg.com

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