Former Prosecutor: Case Against Alleged Drunk Woman Accused of Running Over Toddler Far from Slam Dunk - August 06, 2007
Michael Discioarro says pressure to make a quick arrest may have led police to make mistakes.

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New York, NY - The case against the 54 year old woman accused of running over a toddler and her family members after an alleged mid-afternoon vodka binge is far from a slam dunk for the state, a former prosecutor says.

“The fact that police did not apprehend her driving and only found her at home weakens their case,” says Michael Discioarro, who’s now a defense attorney in Manhattan specializing in DWI cases and a professor at Hunter College. 


Queens prosecutors say Susan E. Karnabe drove away from the scene after hitting 3-year-old Mia Tetelman, her grandmother and great grandmother with such force that Mia was thrown from her stroller.  Mia was in critical condition.


After a bystander removed the stroller from under Karnabe’s vehicle, prosecutors say, Karnabe drove away.  Police tracked her down using a license plate number and witness descriptions.


“Prosecutors still need a witness to say she was driving and identify her and that is difficult to do in high stress situations,” says Discioarro.  “The more stress that is put on police officers the more likely it is they made a mistake.”


Discioarro wonders whether officers inadvertently sidestepped laws in their efforts to make a quick arrest.  And though prosecutors claim she confessed and tested over the legal alcohol limit, Discioarro says any mistakes police may have made could be used as grounds to get critical evidence evidence tossed out.


“Right now there is outrage,” says Discioarro, “next week there will be a new outrage.  As a defense attorney time is your friend in these cases because people forget, including witnesses.”


About Michael Discioarro:  Mike Discioarro is a former Bronx prosecutor who’s a criminal defense attorney in Manhattan specializing in DWI defense.  He’s also a professor at Hunter College. 


Interview Requests:  Michael Discioarro (pronounced di-shaw-ro) is available for television, radio or newspaper interviews.


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