Publicity Agent: Why Pay to Advertise When You Can Get Publicity for Free? - July 31, 2007
Attorneys spend thousands of dollars on billboards and other advertising. But a news-guy-turned-publicity-agent says they could be getting it for free.

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Tampa, Fla. - When Glenn Selig sees a billboard or television ad from an attorney he scratches his head and wonders.

“Why are lawyers paying for this when they can get free publicity,” says Selig of, a firm based in Tampa, Fla. that helps lawyers get free publicity.  “If it’s name recognition they want they could get it for a fraction of the cost.”


Selig is a publicity agent.  Not for movie stars or even film directors.  But for business people like lawyers, doctors and financial wizards worldwide who are looking for free publicity.


“I get phone calls and emails all the time from local and network news programs looking to book attorneys as guests,” says Selig.  “The demand is there.  A lot of it is ‘who you know’ but it’s also knowing how to promote.”


And that’s where Selig comes in.  He helps build clients into known experts in their fields.  It’s a combination of press releases and utilizing contacts.


Selig has an extensive and distinguished background in television news.   Selig recently left the security of his job as an on camera reporter at the Fox Owned and Operated television in Tampa, Fla. to pursue this line of work.  Tampa is the nation’s 11th largest media market.  He’s worked in several states over those years. 


“I have the credibility and the contacts,” says Selig, “And I thought it was time to do something different and to help people achieve their dreams of getting free publicity.”


For attorneys who’ve dreamed of being on TV or quoted in newspapers, the former newsman turned publicity agent may be the person to land you free publicity.


The cost?  He says clients pay less for one month than what some attorneys shell out for a single television ad.

“People want the biggest bang for the buck,” says Selig.  “Why not give this a shot.  It works.”

About Glenn Selig:  Glenn Selig runs  He is a publicity agent who specializes in helping attorneys worldwide get local and national exposure through free TV, radio and newspapers.     


Contact:  Glenn Selig


Phone:  (813) 300-5454




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