Top 10 Music Infringement Cases Analyzed by A.I. Platform: DigiTrax Gives Artists the New Artificial Intelligence Platform Music Fact Reports for Copyright Protection

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DigiTrax Entertainment Inc. (DTE) launches Music Fact Reports, a new service that provides comparative copyright song analysis to help creators and legal firms prove or disprove music copyright infringements.  The reports, generated by DTE’s artificial intelligence engine, show song similarities based on the rules of music theory, which are consistent and congruent worldwide.

Under copyright law, a plaintiff must prove substantial similarity between their work and the alleged infringing work. This typically requires a forensic musicologist or music theorist, and several weeks of research in order to produce a report.

In contrast, using DTE’s artificial intelligence analysis engine, Music Fact Reports can deliver concrete analysis of the compositional similarities between any two works in as little as 72 hours.

“I think the technology is cutting-edge for purposes of identifying substantial similarity in two pieces of music, in terms of rhythms, beats, and extrinsic similarity,” says Richard Wolfe, a litigating copyright attorney in Miami, FL who has used Music Fact Reports in his current caseload.

To demonstrate the ability of Music Fact Reports, DigiTrax ran an analysis on ten of the top music infringement cases in order to better understand what the courts deem as “substantial similarities”.  These ten reports have been made public by DigiTrax on These reports detail the music composition similarities, and demonstrate what amount of similarity the courts have ruled are significant by virtue of the court ruling.

“We are excited to offer this new technology to help creators protect their works by providing absolute objective and extrinsic similarity analysis,” says Joe Vangieri, CEO of DigiTrax Entertainment. “We encourage songwriters, litigators, publishers and music lovers to visit to see the analyses for themselves.”

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DigiTrax Entertainment, Inc. ( is led by digital media visionary Joe Vangieri, and develops creative and disruptive music technologies for the music production and copyright fields. Owners of seven patents in music artificial intelligence and machine learning, and a content catalog valued at eight figures, the Knoxville, TN-based company is forging ahead with plans to completely transform the way music is created and enjoyed.

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