Portfolio company of Ilya Sherbovich’s UCP Investment Group develops technology for Tokenbox AML/KYC procedures

Portfolio company of Ilya Sherbovich’s UCP Investment Group develops technology for Tokenbox AML/KYC procedures
(PR NewsChannel) / February 9, 2018 /  

Tokenbox is an infrastructure solution for investors enabling them to choose from different funds focused on cryptocurrency investments.

The new AML/KYC processes for Tokenbox developed by Sum&Substance, portfolio company of UCP Investment Group and Flint Capital, will start operating from the beginning of 2018 and will be based on technology using computer vision, neural networks, and other artificial intelligence algorithms.

The identification process requires a newly registered user to send a digital copy of identification and registration documents along with a selfie. The system recognizes the data, checks validity of the documents, and verifies identity of the individual.

In order to confirm the qualification of user-investors, a new feature will be added in the near future which performs checks on additional types of documents, including letters from lawyers or CPA-certified accountants, packets of broker or bank balances and other types of accounts which would present conclusive proof of clean assets.

Additional Information:

Tokenbox is a unique ecosystem which connects cryptocurrency funds, investors, and traders in one platform. Tokenbox offers professionals ready-made out of the box solutions for creating tokenized funds using Ethereum smart-contracts as a base. Users of Tokenbox have the ability to hold tokens in a multi-currency wallet and to use a new and powerful trading terminal developed especially for the cryptocurrency market. Investors can choose between different funds based on inherent risk and profitability indicators. Participants of the platform are traders and funds which have been carefully selected and screened, having necessarily undergone a thorough KYC/AML check on the basis of modern data verification systems. More: https://tokenbox.io

Sum&Substance is an independently developed solution for remote identification and verification of clients, partners, and company staff. Intellectual analysis and computer vision allow Sum&Substance’s unique technology to help online services all over the world prevent fraud, increase client trust, and ensure compliance with regulators (KYC processes). Sum&Substance clients are comprised of fintech industry players, online services for joint consumption, platforms for finding new employees and contractors, taxi services, and dating platforms, including Cryptopay, The Token Fund, Tokenbox, Zerion, Nousplatform, BeepCar, Gett, Avito, and others, as well as traditional business such as retail, logistics, and ecommerce.
In October 2017 UCP Investment Group along with Flint Capital became investors of Sum&Substance. More: https://sumsub.com

UCP Investment Group was established in 2006 by Ilya Sherbovich – Russian businessman and investor – to manage the assets of its partners and co-investors. UCP invests in high-potential private companies and in liquid securities traded on domestic and international markets. UCP has a successful investment track record in FMCG and retail, financial infrastructure and services, internet technologies, high-tech materials production, heavy machinery, oil & gas and petrochemicals. More: www.ucp.com1e4864f80687f600bcf3f55ad7bcd15e

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SOURCE:  UCP Investment Group

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