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(PR NewsChannel) / February 6, 2018 / Tampa, Fla. 

Your office manager and staff greet your patients, schedule their visits, collect their co-payments, and field their phone calls. They are indispensable members of your practice. They play an integral role in practice operations. If they are off their game, you are likely to be, too. The entire practice may be affected.

From patient flow to patient loyalty, the qualifications of your office manager and how the front office performs directly affects your bottom line. MedBiz Partners is expanding to boost quality by offering certifications for office managers and staff. The program begins in March via it’s subsidiary, MedBizU, an education partner with AAPC.

“If you are immersed only in patient care, the practice will suffer. Physician Owners must get involved not just in the management of patient care but also in the growth of the practice, or the practice will eventually loose patients to competition”, says Rich Maynard, CEO of MedBizPartners.

Our first in a 3 part series will focus on marketing through your patients (also known as Evangelical Marketing) that will cost you zero dollars!

For Primary Care offices and certain specialties over 70 percent of new business comes from word of mouth referrals.  If each patient has a great experience at your office and your seeing 50 patients per day at least 10 of those patients will recommend you; that’s 10 salespeople you’ve just hired without paying salaries & commissions.

  1. The most effective way is to engage your patients while they are at your office, not after they leave. Most Patients are always honest and upfront with their physicians, especially when it relates to the attitudes and professionalism of the front office.
  2. “The quality of staffing is everything, Retention can last from a few weeks to      several years. Especially in smaller practices, if you choose cheap labor—college students, uneducated people, people holding down more than one job—it doesn’t make a practice successful over the long term. You need a stable staff. Skills count. You must be willing to pay for that talent” says Rich.
  3. Staff quality can be bolstered with The Certified Physician Practice Manager (CPPM®) credential. It is a logical next step for those with strong experience in other areas of healthcare and are ready to advance their careers in physician practice management.

Next month we’ll discuss one of the best kept secrets.  Marketing through your vendors!

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SOURCE:  UpHill Marketing Group

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