Benefits of an HVAC Annual Maintenance Contract

Trinity Heating and AC Contractor Explains How Maintenance Saves Time and Money
(PR NewsChannel) / January 12, 2018 / Trinity, Fla. 

Annual AC maintenance contract …is it worth it?  Many homeowners and business owners think about this when searching for an HVAC contractor.  It is important to know that you can prevent costly problems by keeping your HVAC system well maintained.  Let’s look at a few of the many benefits of an annual maintenance contract.

HVAC system will last longer.  HVAC units that are clogged with dirt, dust and grime must work a lot harder which leads to parts burning out and failure of the equipment.

Energy Savings.  When your HVAC unit is running at it’s peak performance, you benefit from lower energy costs.  An annual maintenance contract can help keep your HVAC unit clean and running efficiently.

Cost of repairs lower.  An annual maintenance contract can reduce the possibilities for costly service calls in the future as much as 95%.  Although it is impossible to avoid all HVAC problems and repairs, annual maintenance can save you a lot of headache and money down the road.

Better indoor air quality.  The quality of your indoor air is greatly affected by dirty coils and other parts of your HVAC unit.  There are many health concerns, including pollen, mold, bacteria and asthma that are associated with poor indoor air quality.  Annual maintenance checks on your unit keeps these components much cleaner and reduces the contamination in the indoor air leaving your home a more healthy and comfortable environment.

Joe Massa, Owner and President of Air Hawk Heating and Cooling says, “In Land O Lakes, Trinity and all of Tampa Bay, we run our air conditioning more than half the year.  So in addition to our maintenance, we recommend changing your air conditioner’s filter every 30 days as well.”

Air Hawk Heating and Cooling’s technicians are trained and certified to maintain all makes and models of heating and cooling systems.  We offer several maintenance plans to fit most any budget.

For More information, or to find out which maintenance plan works best for your home or business, contact Air Hawk Heating and Cooling at 813.929.4295 or 727 SAME DAY, or visit

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