Press release distribution company PR NewsChannel chases rivals using digital ad starring a dog

Ad running across multiple social media channels and platforms
(PR NewsChannel) / December 1, 2017 / TAMPA, Fla. 

Campaign from press release distribution company/content syndicator PR NewsChannel stars a dog.

The press release newswire and content syndicator PR NewsChannel hopes to give its competition a lickin’ using a secret weapon: a dog.

A new digital ad for the press release distribution company stars a cute mutt.

While music plays in the background, and a mouse curser moves around the screen, in front a stark white backdrop the dog stares upwards as words read out above.

“Press release costs boggle your mind?” the ad says.

“We agree,” the ad continues. “Enough of that poop, right?!”

Prepare to unleash your potential for a whole lot less!’

Businesses and individuals across the world spend millions every year trying to get their stories to journalists. Press release distribution services usually charge a premium to provide access. But the problem, explains the newswire, is that you aren’t paying for services or coverage. You’re paying for the contacts.

PR NewsChannel says it puts companies in front of the same contacts for less.

So why an ad starring a dog?

“The whole concept of press release distribution and content marketing can be difficult to understand and unexciting,” says Zachary Wright from PR NewsChannel. “We wanted to have a bit of fun with it and make the ad relatable to everyone. And I think we succeeded.”

What do you think of the ad?

Take a look at the Dog Campaign Ad from PR NewsChannel and its landing page.

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SOURCE:  PR NewsChannel

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