REINDEER IN HERE eclipses demand for Elf on the Shelf

It’s not even Black Friday, but supplier of new pre-Christmas tradition prepares for potential sell-out
(PR NewsChannel) / November 20, 2017 / LOS ANGELES 

REINDEER IN HERE won’t be available until Black Friday, and already the manufacturer is preparing for a sell-out.

It appears that in this first head-to-head matchup that pits the Reindeer against the Elf, it’s round one for the Reindeer.

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REINDEER IN HERE was designed to be a friendlier and positive alternative to the Elf on the Shelf tradition, which many parents find to be negative in its approach to get children to behave before Santa’s arrival, but with no real viable and appealing alternative until this year.

“I set out to do a test market launch for REINDEER IN HERE this holiday season to prove viability of the product,” says Adam Reed, a new dad and REINDEER IN HERE’s creator. “I had no idea that in only eight days, the campaign would go viral, be embraced by celebrities and non-celebrities alike, have thousands of people following the Facebook page, and many more thousands clamoring to buy it.”

Reed produced a large but limited number of REINDEER IN HERE, to sell exclusively on Amazon for this Christmas. He intentionally marketed the product at the grassroots level to challenge the Elf, with an edgy #ShelfTheElf campaign, just to see the response. But before he knew it, the campaign was picked up by Newsweek,, PopSugar, Today’s Parent,, and more, and went viral.

Reed says consumers have reached out from the UK, Australia, and Canada. But because demand in the U.S. is so high, the Reindeer in Here supplier may not be able to get product directly to the other countries before Christmas.  However, he is working with Amazon to allow international buyers to purchase them on the U.S. site, and then have them shipped internationally.

“I have been overwhelmed with requests to purchase the product from every state in the country, as well as global interest from Canada, Australia, and the UK,” says Reed. “I wish I had thousands and thousands more pieces of product!”

REINDEER IN HERE works like this: After it arrives in early December, the Reindeer is designed to be the first gift of the holiday season for the kiddos.

Instead of staying put, like the Elf, the Reindeer is mobile: goes on adventures, engages in hobbies and spends quality time with the children. The toy just doesn’t sit on a shelf and spy.

“REINDEER IN HERE encourages interaction and positive reinforcement for good behavior, in addition to removing the stress of moving and hiding an elf every day. Rather than fear Santa’s holiday helper, children have a new friend to take where ever they go,” says Reed.

The demand has been so great, says Reed, he feels like the Cabbage Patch and Elmo makers must’ve felt during those crazes from years past, when thee toys become one of the hottest, and most sought-after items of the holiday season.

“I think consumer interest is so high because they are responding to a need that no one had filled until REINDEER IN HERE came along,” says Reed. “Elf on the Shelf is such a stress inducing and negative approach to Christmas that parents were longing for a positive alternative — REINDEER IN HERE is that alternative.”

Reed is currently working on a plan so that if the entire stock of REINDEER IN HERE does sell out, he can offer consumers the ability to be the first to pre-buy for next Christmas and ensure they get as many as they want.

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