Highly Respected Clinical Psychologist, Rebeka Blanco, Psy.D, will be Featured in Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare

(PR NewsChannel) / November 14, 2017 / Carolina, Puerto Rico 

The International Association of HealthCare Professionals is pleased to welcome Dr. Rebeka Blanco, Psy.D, to their prestigious organization with her upcoming publication in the Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare. She is a highly trained and qualified Clinical Psychologist with an extensive expertise in all facets of her work. Dr. Rebeka Blanco has been in practice for over a decade, and is currently serving patients within her own private practice located in Carolina, Puerto Rico.

Dr. Blanco graduated with her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology in 2007 from Carlos Albizu University in San Juan, Puerto Rico, having previously gained her Master of Social Work Degree from the University of Puerto Rico in Rio Piedras. Thereafter, she obtained her Doctor of Psychology Degree in 2012 from the San Juan campus of Carlos Albizu University.

Dr. Blanco has a wealth of experience as a clinical social worker and now as a clinical psychologist, and before opening her own practice she worked as a clinical coordinator for the United States Department of Veteran Affairs in San Juan. Dr. Blanco now provides a comprehensive range of health psychology services, and is particularly renowned as an expert in family therapy and counseling. She has dedicated her life to providing the highest standard of quality and compassionate care.

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Learn more about Dr. Blanco by reading her upcoming publication in the Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare.

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SOURCE:  International Association of HealthCare Professionals

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