Hypocrisy! Should Hillary Clinton’s ‘dossier’ hit on Trump be called treason?

Op-ed in NEW YORK POST makes the case
(PR NewsChannel) / October 26, 2017 / WASHINGTON 

Is Hillary Clinton’s ‘dossier’ hit on Trump, treason? Editorial in NEW YORK POST makes the case.

So much is being made of the fake news peddled on Facebook paid for by the Russians apparently intended to help Donald Trump win the White House. But remember that infamous dossier on Trump, obtained with cooperation from Russia, and paid for, at least in part, by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee? Ask yourself this: Why is THAT not considered treason or collusion?

David Harsanyi, a senior editor at The Federalist and author of the forthcoming book “First Freedom: A Ride Through America’s Enduring History with the Gun, From the Revolution to Today,” pens a stinging editorial published in the NEW YORK POST, and wonders out loud about the duplicity and hypocrisy involved.

“What’s the difference between the infamous Russian dossier on Donald Trump and that random fake-news story you saw on Facebook last year? The latter was never used by America’s intelligence community to bolster its case for spying on American citizens nor was it the foundation for a year’s worth of media coverage,” he writes. “Then again, you get what you pay for.”

He goes on:

Now, you might expect that the scandalous revelation of a political campaign using opposition research that was partially obtained from a hostile foreign power during a national election would ignite shrieks of “collusion” from all patriotic citizens. After all, only last summer, when it was reported that Donald Trump Jr. met with a Kremlin-linked Russian lawyer who claimed to be in possession of damaging information about Clinton, there was widespread condemnation.

Finally, we were told, a smoking gun tied the Trump campaign to Vladimir Putin. Former Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine went as far as to suggest that the independent counsel begin investigating treason.

Treason! Trump Jr. didn’t even pay for or accept research.

Harsanyi contrasts this with the dossier, which Clinton did purchase; the contents of which were leaked to the media.

The dossier ended up in the possession of most major news outlets. Many journalists relied on Fusion GPS to propel coverage. BuzzFeed even posted the entire thing for Americans to read, even though it was more than likely that its most scandalous parts were hatched by a foreign government.

The memo dominated newsrooms that were convinced Trump was a Manchurian candidate. No fake-news story came close to having this kind of impact.

Harsanyl also says something sinister and twisted came from the dossier: The Obama Administration apparently used the dossier to justify spying on U.S. citizens. Exhibit A: the dossier was used as evidence to obtain a FISA warrant on former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort.

And here’s the kicker, according to Harsanyl:

using the very standards Democrats have constructed over the past year, the Fusion GPS story is now the most tangible evidence we possess of Russian interference in the American election.

At the end of the day, it appears that with this dossier revelation, all that’s going on may be sour grapes, according to Harsanyl:

We can’t have different standards for Democrats and Republicans.

Otherwise people might start to get the idea that all the histrionics over the past year weren’t really about Russian interference at all, but rather about Hillary losing an election that they assumed she’d win.

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