Rastrac Supports First Responders During Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

(PR NewsChannel) / September 5, 2017 / AUSTIN, Tx. 

When Hurricane Harvey hit Texas last week, it did a lot of damage. Homes and businesses were flooded, people were trapped in cities as evacuation traffic created gridlock, and catastrophic winds ripped buildings apart.

As CNN’s article on what Hurricane Harvey left in its wake said:

“For some communities, it was the wind that did the damage. For others, it was the flooding from the massive rains. And for some, who had seemed to dodge both those bullets, it was a surprise late attack from rivers overflowing with the floodwaters heading south from Houston trying to find their way to the Gulf of Mexico. No matter how the destruction rode in, how different the damage was, the devastation was deep and severe.”

Many people were unable to evacuate ahead of the storm because of traffic, lack of mobility, or other issues that anchored them to their homes for the worst of the storm. And, in the aftermath of Harvey, volunteers worked day and night to help rescue those who were trapped during the storm.

Rastrac Pitches In

As an Austin-based company, the Rastrac team wanted to help people in the company’s home state. So, we donated materials to Emergency Services of Rockport as they headed for some volunteer and first responder camps to hand out hats and shirts. We are also donating our PocketRastrac service to first responders.

We donated almost 150 t-shirts and 50 caps to the first responders. We are also offering free PocketRastrac to any first responders for as long as they need it.

It is our hope that the GPS tracking software will help first responders better coordinate their relief efforts and save more lives in the process. In disasters like Harvey, it never seems like there are enough people available to help—so the more each person can do, the better.

If you or anyone you know is interested in taking advantage of the PocketRastrac offer, please contact us at  right away.

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SOURCE:  Rastrac

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