Bigotry and Discrimination Persist at Tesla – SolarCity

USA Northeast Region – Former Tesla/SolarCity employees come forward with allegations of bigotry, sexual discrimination, deception, and fraud within the company.
(PR NewsChannel) / September 1, 2017 / NEW YORK, NY. 

According to Sean Yuen, Esq., “I represent several clients with affidavits, attesting that bigoted and abusive language was used against them by a Tesla/SolarCity executive, as well as additional claims of illicit instruction to perpetrate deception and fraud”.

The sordid allegations occurred during a regional sales video conference meeting in March of 2017. According to details found within affidavits, a Sales Executive from Tesla/SolarCity commented that overall performance was “awful” then forced the sales team into saying to each other “you are a f****** p**** and you’re a lazy f****** worker and you suck”. Other allegations from these affidavits mention in disturbing detail that the Tesla/SolarCity Sales Executive also verbally compared the sales team’s work ethic to ”how f****** would work” and that any excuse is “what a f***** would do and say”.

Tesla’s Human Resources (HR) and Legal departments were contacted in May of 2017 about the allegations of bigotry, sexual discrimination, and other serious offenses concerning explicit instructions to deceive customers and commit accounting fraud. However, in July of 2017, Tesla’s Legal department cited that civil claims need to go through private arbitration based on signed employment contracts.

An anonymous complainant says, “We can confirm prior to receiving Tesla/SolarCity’s Legal response, Tesla/SolarCity’s HR had investigated and verified that the events of our allegations had taken place.

A second anonymous complainant mentions, “If Tesla decides to condemn continued hostile working environments within their company after reading this story, it’ll be too little, too late and disingenuous because they had opportunity to remedy the appalling actions prior to the release of this article, which they never did”.

A third anonymous complainant states, “We have a positive vision for Solar and renewable energy and publicize our transgressions in the hope that the destructive behaviors we experienced will be properly addressed to prevent this kind of unlawful activity from devastating other employees or the industry”.

According to Sean Yuen, Esq., “There should be zero tolerance for such egregious acts. My clients are extremely upset by Tesla’s response to the injustices they witnessed and endured. It was without sympathy, or apology, and without strategy in preventing this sort of horrendous hostility in the work environment from ever happening again to anyone else”. Sean Yuen, Esq., continues in saying, “the identities of my clients will remain anonymous while they perform due diligence in determining which agencies may need to be contacted to further investigate the allegations of bigotry and sexual discrimination as well as the claims of customer deception and corporate fraud by Tesla/SolarCity. There may be more to this story that may need to be disclosed to the public depending on next steps taken”.

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SOURCE:  Sean Yuen, Esq.

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