Highly Respected Psychologist and Psychoanalyst, William Player, PhD, will be Noted in the Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare

(PR NewsChannel) / August 29, 2017 / Santa Fe, New Mexico 

The International Association of HealthCare Professionals is pleased to welcome Dr. William Player, PhD, to their prestigious organization with his upcoming publication in the Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare. He is a highly trained and qualified psychologist with an extensive expertise in all facets of his work. Dr. William Player has been in practice for more than four decades and is currently serving patients within his own private practice in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Dr. Player’s acclaimed career in psychology began in 1977 when he graduated with his Doctor of Philosophy Degree from the New York University Department of Psychology. After graduating he completed a number of advanced training courses, including four years of postdoctoral training in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. To stay current with the latest advances in his field, Dr. Player is a distinguished member of the American Psychiatric Association.

With a wealth of experience to call upon, Dr. Player has become renowned as one of Santa Fe’s leading psychologists and psychoanalysts, and an expert in relationship therapy. He provides a wide variety of services, including marriage and couples counseling, relational psychoanalysis, relationship therapy, and group therapy. He attributes his success to his dedication to his work and love for helping people, and when he is not working, Dr. Player enjoys painting.

Learn more about Dr. Player here:

http://www.drbillplayer.com and be sure to read his upcoming publication in the Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare.

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SOURCE:  International Association of HealthCare Professionals

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