Venerated Plastic Surgeon, Joseph M. Pober, MD, FACS, will be Featured in The Leading Physicians of the World

(PR NewsChannel) / August 16, 2017 / New York/New Jersey 

The International Association of HealthCare Professionals is pleased to welcome Dr. Joseph M. Pober, MD, FACS, Plastic Surgeon to their prestigious organization with his upcoming publication in The Leading Physicians of the World. Today we take part in nothing short of a technologically advanced instant gratification phenomenon. To our great benefit, the world of beauty and aesthetic appeal is at our fingertips. When we look and feel our best, we are better equipped to succeed and feel empowered. Dr. Joseph Pober is usually told that he offers the best of the best in the field of plastic surgery for today’s woman who wants it all now.

After graduating from Harvard Medical School and MIT graduate School, he trained in general surgery and plastic surgery at The New York Presbyterian Hospital of Columbia and Cornell Universities in his hometown – the big apple, NYC. He then subspecialized in two plastic surgery fellowships: “Facial Sculpting” (with Dr Tony Wolfe the leader of craniomaxillofacial surgery in America) and Aesthetic Surgery (with Dr Tom Rees the father of advanced cosmetic surgery in America). As a Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Pober is Chief of Plastic Surgery at Hackensack University Medical Center (HUMC) at Pascack Valley embracing New York-New Jersey mainstream. HUMC is the #1 hospital system in New Jersey. Dr Pober has already been tauted by Hampton Magazine as “New York’s Top Park Avenue Plastic Surgeon” and has recently been nominated as one of the “10 Best” plastic surgeons in New Jersey in 2016.

His unparalleled training has honed his innate talent and experience has matured the precision of his approach to allow optimal results with minimal down time. He is an amazing discovery for some yet uninitiated to the best kept secret on Park Avenue: the Park Avenue Plastic Surgeon whose unique expertise allows him to optimally empower women (often within a few minutes). Dr Pober makes it about WOMAN EMPOWERMENT “first”. Dr Pober is who we and many others in-the-know feel is the best, consummate Park Avenue plastic surgeon for today’s woman! Every woman who wants to be at her best in every phase of life, can have or keep having, a great life now, and always, with the benefits of modern technology, applied with the highest level of expertise.

As a plastic surgeon, Dr Pober can expertly remove excess skin by excisions, aesthetically repair tissue malpositions with pinholes (endoscopic surgery) and beautifully restore atrophied cheeks and chins with implants, which he still chooses for the appropriate candidate based on patient preference. But… when there is present “hot” demand and available technological advancement, he moves to injections…that provide instant chins and cheeks with reasonably long-term solutions (about two years with Radiesse and Voluma). Injectables have become the addition (and eventually the healthy addiction if done properly) to everyone’s wish list, if they want to maintain, or sharpen the power of their personal best beauty and charm.

Surgery is still the gold standard for the young. Often the first surgery at sixteen for girls is the confidence boosting and mind empowering “rhinoplasty”!! That expertly performed” nose job” opens more doors, than any other plastic surgery procedure. It’s the center of your face! Done right: it enhances every other part magically! It must be individualized to each person– harmonizing the beauty that already exists! (See Dr Pober in the New York Daily News for his Nose Artists see it all the time! Talented plastic surgery can truly produce the harmony. (See pic of sweet “face is nose” or how nose distracts from the other beautiful features that are there!! And then Dr Pober’s B+A). Next is body contouring where today a resurgence of both six packs and BBL dominate. One may be astounded to hear that it has been Dr Pober who was pioneering and then perfecting these techniques for over twenty years. See his abdominal “six pack” that he inaugurated on Oprah when he appeared as one of the first plastic surgeons on her show. And one of his natural BBL’s of today. When your skin has suitable elasticity the results can be very impressive at 3 days and more impressive at one week. (B&A Lipo Size 12-6 in a week by Dr Pober). Tummy tucks and lipo are sought promptly after the last pregnancy. (TT+lipo after pregnancy) Breast proportion and position complements the final look with a mastopexy or an augment.

Surgery is also still the Gold Standard for those a bit more mature. Today 45-65 is the new 35 within a week or two if done with the best skills and techniques for optimal results-and healthy genes with good healing ability. Many times even surgical improvements can be seen essentially immediately, as the swelling is usually minimal. No need to wait to look your best now, with minimal down time techniques by the best plastic surgeons. (Three B+A women in their 50’s and 60’s). For the body, although liposuction alone may not always produce the desired result, the addition of some skin resection may produce the result in a very gratifying way.

After practicing plastic and reconstructive surgery for over twenty years on Park Avenue, Dr Pober always loves doing surgery every day for women of all ages all around the world to enhance their natural beauty and re-energize their innate confidence! However, recognizing the demands of the NOW GENERATION, HE DOES MORE PROCEDURES giving his patients the INSTANT WOW they DEMAND! Now within a few minutes with minimal to no down time, with only a syringe. He brings instant beauty and introduces the fountain of youth, both beauty and health in one precise, intricately placed injection, at the office (with the most technologically advanced injectables) and extends the benefit , every day to you at your home (with his own medical grade skin care line: “Pober Beauty Solutions” ). NOW IS THE DEMAND FOR INSTANT RESULTS FROM EXPERT beautifying and healthy INJECTIONS! For women in their late teens or early twenties, lips and chins dominate and yes Botox/Xeomin –the older Millennials never want to wait for wrinkles to show…they want to mute those overactive muscles that make people think they “overthink” or “over worry”. More mature women after their 40’s, who enjoyed their good looks of gorgeous features can sometimes feel they suddenly (not imperceptibly slowly) have fallen off the cliff of youth and beauty. To have enjoyed their marvelous beauty their entire lives until…the door stops being opened for them…and maybe shuts closed before they can come in! Dr Pober sees it every day. Just a little injection here and there, he instantly lifts cheeks and pronounces chins simulating a volumetric facelift INSTANTLY and NON SURGICALLY!!  No one knows but you and Dr Pober, that you momentarily fell off the cliff- because you’re back up and better than ever, without any downtime. Some of the newest products for injection are safe and completely absorbable (no long term foreign body worries). Some lift tissues and enhance features instantly. Some act as the fountain of youth, by stimulating your own body to once again make collagen. After 40 our bodies stop making collagen and we start to just wrinkle- hence a reason for falling off the cliff. Some of These fillers restore your body’s natural ability to make collagen! Some actually make your skin look younger!!and not stretched out! With Radiesse and other select fillers, collagen production appears to last for about 18 months at least (according to histologic studies documenting increases in collagen replacing the injected material as it dissipates). Dr Pober’s textbook chapter co-authored with Dr Sherrell Aston helped introduce and evolve the combination of fat injections (lipostructure) and fat removal (liposuction) that continues to be popular not only in facial rejuvenation but also the six pack. Some still opt for fat grafting which is wonderful for those who have more time to wait and seek permanence…but fewer and fewer who have the time, and even fewer, like to wait. Given the choice, instant gratification with SELECT fillers is the only way today!! And again if it’s healthy and its immediate, then why not have the look you have always wanted at your command.

Dr Pober has established his headquarter plastic surgery offices and Joint Commission certified surgical operating center on 975 Park Avenue where he has been for the past decades. Recently, he launched the PoberMD Medi Spa in the quintessential small-town haven of many commuting New Yorkers in the village of Ridgewood, NJ. Just across the river from Croton-on-the Hudson and about 20 miles from Manhattan, accessed with public transport or by car…the privacy and safety sought by celebrities, urban and suburban billionaires, and every day people, all come to be lavishly welcomed in the warm. responsive, receptive , relaxing atmosphere of the Park Avenue and Harvard- MIT excellence at POBER MD MEDI SPA in Ridgewood NJ. Here, the key for New Yorker’s is ULTIMATE luxury, PRIVACY and ANONYMITY. Both in NY and NJ, Dr Pober works with the most dedicated and talented team of Board Certified Anesthesiologists, caring administrators, talented cosmeticians/aestheticians, medical/ surgical assistants, and certified surgical technicians. Members of his staff have worked with him for over a decade. They were chosen because of their exceptional knowledge and outstanding training. They are all exceptional talents, and most importantly, care about every aspect of making you look and feel your best INSTANTLY … so you look amazing when you leave!!! Dr Pober believes in the continuum of beauty and combining the benefits of plastic surgery, injectables, with top hair, nail, and skin care. His patients frequently visit Panico Salon and Spa juxtaposed to his Medi Spa for the finishing touches needed to make the picture perfect from all angles…especially from the back when all you see is your hair.

IN SUMMARY, Give yourself every advantage today-as every other woman (and man already) does! Enjoy what many celebrities and your own neighbors (often very exclusively and privately) regard as the best of Harvard and “Beauty” on Park Avenue: Joseph Michael Pober.MD.FACS. Is this where it ends…No! It’s only beginning! Dr Pober, as a responsible leader and recognized authority in plastic surgery,is always working to be the best and to establish continuing relationships with other leading progressive thinkers in medicine and beauty to offer our readership a soon to appear regular column in 25A Magazine of the best for “Being Beautiful” inside and out and devotes much of his time to providing charitable care to those in need, including victims of crime and congenital or traumatic disasters.

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