FH Orthopedics, Inc. announces successful initial implantations of the Arrow® Prime Dual-Platform Total Shoulder System in the U.S.

(PR NewsChannel) / August 8, 2017 / CHICAGO 

FH Orthopedics, Inc. (FH Inc.), a designer and manufacturer of sports medicine, trauma and joint reconstruction products, announced today the successful first total shoulder arthroplasty using the novel Arrow®Prime cementless glenoid baseplate.  Supported by 14 years of successful clinical history, Arrow®Prime offers surgeons unparalleled intraoperative flexibility, dual-platform interchangeability, and addresses the continuum of indications for shoulder arthroplasty in an efficient, 4-tray instrument system. 

The Arrow®Prime was cleared by the FDA in April 2017 and has been implanted successfully in multiple centers across the U.S.  

Patrick Noud, MD (Lansing, MI) implanted the first Arrow®Prime cementless glenoid baseplate in the U.S.  “My initial experience was very satisfying.  Relative to traditional cemented polyethylene glenoid implants, the Arrow®Prime anatomic metal-backed glenoid and instrumentation were seamless and efficient, the press-fit of the porous implant impressive, and the procedure was quicker, as no bone cement was required.”

David Watt, MD (Warrenville, IL) remarked that “The Arrow®Prime system provides me the flexibility to address multiple-patient indications within a single-system, combat the common issue of glenoid loosening, and offer less complex revision surgery utilizing the humeral and glenoid platforms.”

Jim Hook, Managing Director of the FH U.S. subsidiary, says “The Arrow®Prime represents a significant step forward in the field of shoulder arthroplasty, offering cementless humeral and glenoid platform solutions that address the broad spectrum of arthroplasty indications as well as the principal issue of glenoid loosening.  We are looking forward to the broader launch and market acceptance of the Arrow®Prime dual-platform in 2017.”

The Arrow®Prime cementless glenoid baseplate and advanced instrumentation expand the options of the successful Arrow Universal Shoulder System, offering surgeons a cementless, metal-back anatomic glenoid option, with a clinically-proven design that addresses the most common failure modality in total shoulder arthroplasty; glenoid loosening.  The Arrow®Prime cementless anatomic baseplate requires no bone cement, saving costly OR time and sparing staff exposure to the potentially harmful components common to bone cement formulations.

The US subsidiary of FH Orthopedics (FH Inc.) was established in 2002 and is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.  In addition to the Arrow®Prime Shoulder System, FH Inc. has successfully commercialized and introduced to the US market the CoLS® technique, a key advancement in knee ligament reconstruction procedures, and the Calcanail®, a novel, intramedullary nail for the treatment of calcaneal fractures.  To learn more about Arrow®Prime, CoLS®, and Calcanail®, please visit www. fhortho.com

Jeffrey Scott
Product Manager, US

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SOURCE:  FH Orthopedics, Inc.

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