In extraordinary effort to catch killer or killers, Seth Rich murder re-enacted by independent group investigating DNC staffer’s killing (VIDEO)

Civic effort bankrolled by lawyer/GOP lobbyist Jack Burkman who’s taken a keen interest in solving the murder Before cameras, actors roll-played several scenes Intent is to trigger memories, leads in the mysterious murder with no suspect Mini-movies of the re-enactment will be released on YouTube, social media and other platforms later this month
(PR NewsChannel) / August 2, 2017 /  

As the Seth Rich murder case dominated headlines on CNN, NPR and The Associated Press over a lawsuit that alleges that President Trump conspired with Fox News to concoct a fake news story that it was Rich, a DNC operative, who leaked DNC emails to WikiLeaks and not Russian hackers to derail a possible Russia connection to the unsolved killing, just a few miles from The White House, in the neighborhood where Rich was killed, and in a bar about 10 minutes from there, cameras captured scenes of the final hours of the DNC staffer’s life.

There was a professional director, photographers, a boom operator, grips and actors. But this wasn’t for a Hollywood film or movie of the week.

This was part of a massive undertaking by The Profiling Project, an independent, nonpartisan group funded entirely by lawyer/GOP lobbyist Jack Burkman, who has taken a keen interest in solving the mysterious murder.

The group re-enacted the shooting death, and the events leading up to it, to trigger clues that will lead to a killer or killers.

“When re-enactments have been done in other cases, they have led to new information,” says Burkman. “There is still so much information about this case that the public does not know. This can’t become a cold case. There are so many forces that seem to want to bury the truth. And I think the public—and the family—deserve to know the truth.”

Seth Rich was fatally shot in the Bloomingdale neighborhood of Washington, D.C. last July around 4:00 a.m.  He was shot in the back and nothing was taken. The D.C. Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) says it was a random killing. But a report, released June 20 from the independent The Profiling Project, debunks that theory in an 80 page report.

In addition to the reenactment, Burkman has put up $105-thousand in reward money—the largest single contribution from an individual. He has also erected billboards in the neighborhood, created the website and filed suit against MPD, among others, to force the release of more evidence publicly, including videotapes of the crime.

The scenes for reenactment were created based on facts that are known about the murder, and some plausible or possible scenarios.

Staged in a local bar as well as on the street where Seth Rich was murdered, news cameras were invited to videotape or photograph the production.

MANDATORY COURTESY: The Profiling Project/

Later this month, the short videos from The Profiling Project that are created to depict the various scenarios will be released to news outlets, as well as on YouTube and various social media outlets to boost the reach.

“This case has captured the attention of people all over the world,” says Burkman. “We hope this effort and the Project’s continued focus on it, will lead to arrest and solving of this mystery.”

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