Veteran speaks out against anti-Americanism in U.S. schools

Public speaker faces challenges, rejection when spreading message of American unity
(PR NewsChannel) / July 25, 2017 / PATERSON, NJ 

Petty Officer Jim Cava, United States Navy Retired is a combat decorated veteran who proudly served as a corpsman attached to the 5th Marines in Vietnam 1968. He has dedicated his post-service life to fostering and upholding our American heritage, principles and patriotism.  But at a time when he feels citizens, especially our children, could benefit from this message most, he’s found that schools won’t make room for American values.

Cava has reached out to hundreds of school principals to give his Americanism programs to no avail.

This aversion to Americanism leaves Cava with one big question: Why?

One possible explanation could be the misconception that Americanism is somehow politically motivated. School administrators are wrapped up in separating school from politics. In other words, they want to keep anything remotely divisive out of schools. In an age where patriotic expression, even the daily Pledge of Allegiance, are viewed as political statements, administrators find themselves in a precarious position. The unintended victim Love of country.

“Americanism was the honorable and brave spirit of our forefathers, based upon an absolute moral belief in basic human rights, upheld and defended with invincible determination that forged our great nation. It’s that same spirit that remains the lifeblood of our country and it comes from the heart and soul of a true American.  Americanism should be what’s in vogue,” said Cava. “It doesn’t matter what your race, background or party is. It transcends that. Americanism is respect for what makes our country great and honors those who have defended it. It’s positive, uplifting and it guides us as to what is good and right.”

At a time when Americans are facing more threats than ever before, unity is at a historic low. Cava believes that a redefinition of Americanism and a re-education of our American principles can change that.  He believes Americanism breeds: fellowship, loyalty, morality, responsibility, vigilance, courage and strength.

Growing up in a small-town in New Jersey made Cava appreciate how fortunate he was to be an American. He believed it to be an honor and his duty to serve his country. In 1968, at the age of seventeen, he joined the United States Navy.

On Nov. 20, 1968 during Operation Meade River, Cava’s chopper was hit by enemy fire; it crashed and burned, resulting in six killed and nine wounded.  Cava was awarded the Purple Heart for the loss of his left arm. On May 15, 1969, having served faithfully and honorably, American Patriot Jim Cava was retired from the US Navy.

Cava felt robbed of his opportunity to fully serve his country and defend the rights he appreciated and enjoyed. To counter that misfortune, he created Operation Red, White and Blue.

Operation Red, White and Blue performs Americanism presentations, free of charge, to reaffirm America’s principles and instill a strong sense of patriotism in all Americans.  After 20 years of tweaks and perfections, Cava has crafted the message he believes will revitalize the American Spirit, especially in today’s youth.

To date he has proudly given over 3,200 Patriotic Presentations.

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The following inspirational and motivational Americanism Presentations are available upon request at no-charge:

  • Kindergarten to Second Grade Americanism Program {Thirty minutes}
  • Third to Fifth Grade Americanism Program {Thirty-five minutes}
  • Sixth to Eighth Grade Americanism Program {Forty minutes}
  • Ninth to Twelfth Grade Americanism Program {Forty-five minutes}
  • Americanism Ceremony {Sixty minutes}

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