D.C. lobbyist/lawyer files suit against Metro P.D., Mayor Bowser to obtain ‘critical’ evidence withheld from public in Seth Rich Murder

Lawsuit seeks release of video footage of the murder along with medical examiner, ballistic reports
(PR NewsChannel) / May 31, 2017 / WASHINGTON D.C. 

Believing the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) could squash or validate conspiracy theories surrounding the death of Seth Rich, lobbyist/lawyer Jack Burkman, on behalf of The Profiling Project, filed suit today against the MPD to force the release of evidence in the case.

Rich was a DNC staffer murdered in July of 2016. Despite national coverage, the case remains unsolved and subject of a massive amount of who-dun-it theories.

“Plaintiff and its agents have repeatedly tried to obtain all of the requested material from the MPD but to no avail,” the lawsuit claims.

The Profiling Project is an independent, nonpartisan investigative unit funded by Burkman which is staffed by forensic experts along with George Washington University graduate students. It was launched on March 23, 2017 to examine the Seth Rich murder.

Burkman says the Project is demanding that police release the video footage of the murder, along with the medical examiner and ballistic reports.

“The release of this crucial material will help bring peace to the victim’s family, and it will help confirm or refute the various theories that swirl about this important murder case,” the lawsuit says.

Filed just after 9:00am in D.C. Superior Court, the lawsuit accuses the police department of mismanagement and “wanting to keep such information concealed from public knowledge,”  “refusing to fulfill its record keeping obligations” and failure to meet their “public disclosure requirement and make public those records.”

“The D.C. Metropolitan Police Department and Chief Peter Newsham are standing in

willful disobedience of their lawful obligations to disclose information, including defiantly stating a refusal to disclose information where such information is mandated by law that it ‘shall be made available to the public on request,’” says Burkman. “Numerous news outlets and organizations have filed Freedom of Information Requests (FOIA), but have been turned down. A lawsuit was the only option.”

Burkman says the information he wants released will help The Profiling Project volunteers who are working out of an undisclosed location in Arlington, Va. develop a profile of the killer or killers.

“Without the ballistic report of the death of Seth Rich, the public is unable to determine whether Seth Rich was the target of an out of control robbery or a merciless execution,” the lawsuit says.

Burkman says in the coming weeks, investigators with The Profiling Project plan to release their own detailed report on their findings.

“The investigators keep me informed on what they are doing and are doing the work they need to do,” says Burkman. “Every Internet lead, twist and turn that happens are being independently worked on. They need this information. I promised that I would help the Rich family and provide the Project whatever tools they needed to solve this case. Even if meant going to court.”

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SOURCE:  The Profiling Project

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