$1M for a killer! In Seth Rich murder, D.C. lobbyist Jack Burkman challenges RNC, DNC, Fox News host Sean Hannity to match his $105K reward

If they do, Burkman says he’ll contribute another $105,000
(PR NewsChannel) / May 24, 2017 / Washington D.C. 

Jack Burkman at a news conference in the neighborhood where Seth Rich lived and died to announce the creation of The Profiling Project. (March 23, 2017)

Jack Burkman, the D.C. lobbyist who put up $105,000 of his own money—the largest single contribution—to find the person or people responsible for killing Seth Rich, a staffer at the Democratic National Committee shot in the back over the summer in the wee hours of the morning, today challenged the Republican National Committee (RNC), the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Fox News host Sean Hannity to each put up $105,000. If at least two of them do, Burkman says he’ll throw in another $105,000.

The goal, Burkman says, is to get the reward up to $1-million.

“Research consistently shows the higher the reward the greater motivation for someone with critical information to come forward,” says Burkman. “I have made solving this murder a top priority. I want to see that number get as high as it can.”

Burkman recently funded The Profiling Project, a private, nonpartisan and independent investigative effort staffed with forensic experts and forensic students at George Washington University who are working continually at all hours of the day in an undisclosed Arlington, Va. office complex building timelines, connecting dots and examining every aspect of the Seth Rich murder.

Burkman has also created, paid for and erected billboards in the neighborhood where Rich lived and died; built the website WhoKilledSeth.com (www.whokilledseth.com) and canvassed the neighborhood with Seth Rich’s parents.

In addition, he appealed in writing to members of Congress to investigate an alleged Russia connection to the murder after receiving what he believes to reliable information from a source.

“I am so involved because Seth was part of our political family—he could have been an employee of mine at the firm—and we need to find who did this for his family and for our community,” says Burkman. “It’s beyond me that the DNC, where Seth worked, has not contributed money for a reward. The RNC, I think, should also step up. This is not political.”

Burkman has a special challenge to Fox News host Sean Hannity: “Instead of worthless bloviating, how about him putting money where his mouth is?”

Burkman added $105,000 to the $25,000 Crimestoppers reward; there’s a $20,000 from WikiLeaks; $100,000 from the conservative cable channel One America News Network (OANN) added a couple days ago, bringing the current reward total to $250,000.

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For more about The Profiling Project: http://thepublicityagency.com/the-profiling-project/.

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