18+ Players Get New Resource For Insight Into Legally Sanctioned Gambling Opportunities

(PR NewsChannel) / May 24, 2017 /  

The legal gambling age within the United States is federally regulated to 18 years old despite the fact that many casinos require patrons to be at least 21 years of age. The age of entrance ultimately lies with the state. The age differences between states has led to a growing confusion of who is and isn’t legally allowed in these establishments and has fostered the generally accepted and false idea that the federal gambling age is in fact, 21. However, there are numerous options available for residents that are under the age of 21 and over the age of 18. In response to discovering this, a guide has been created that is dedicated to disseminating information for citizens who are at least 18 years old about their legal gambling rights and options depending on the state that they live in.

http://www.casinos18.com/is an all-inclusive resource guide that was created to inform the 18+ year old public about the legally sanctioned gambling options that they have available to them before they reach the age of 21. The guide serves to inform readers and researchers of all the options and ideas that are located within such a complicated industry. Not only does the guide include brick-and-mortar, 18-year-old friendly casino options but it goes on to further include online casino options as well.

As this guide jumps into the world of online gambling, it has also allocated significant space within it to the explanation of the legalities, nuances and complexities involved in online gambling entertainment. It’s there that people will be able to find pages especially devoted to the explanation of the complicated legal jargon of online gambling laws and explain how they interact with the state and federal laws that impact them. The guide will eventually cover every state in the US and currently has a dedicated section covering US gambling age laws and regulations: http://www.casinos18.com/laws/.

Kentucky resident, Eric Haycraft, recently agreed to be interviewed on this topic. Haycraft is 19 years old, and was under the impression that there are not any legal avenues for him to enjoy gambling entertainment. Being interested in this type of activity, Haycraft had considered participating in an unsanctioned gambling operation. When we shared with him the information found in this guide, he was pleased to find out that there are multiple options for him to enjoy gambling through legal channels that provide a safe and legitimate environment.

“Its all about making informed decisions,” shared Amelia Hawkings, co-creator of www.Casinos18.com.  Amelia went on to explain “…players who understand their limitations and opportunities to legally engage in gambling entertainment are going to be the ones who successfully experience responsible betting activities without placing themselves at risk for fraud, theft or worse repercussions that come with engaging in unregulated gambling enterprises”.  This guide provides examples of both online and physical locations where people can go to legally gamble under the age of 21 and over the age of 18 and explains what they should expect in terms of customer satisfaction and game selection among other various topics.

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