Michael Franzese Ministries Joins The Eva Series

(PR NewsChannel) / April 18, 2017 / CHICAGO, IL 

Michael Franzese, a former lieutenant in the New York mob will be telling his story about going from a "made-man" to a "man-of-God" on July 22 and 23.

Michael Franzese, former mob boss and worldwide speaker quickly jumped onboard with The Eva Series in the development of Eva Berlin and Eva Hajjaj. Along with his knowledge and energy, he will also bring through churches worldwide visibility to millions of game players on how to unravel the flow of the black monies and attack the money movers.

The Eva Series is led by the international forensic accountant Thomas Creal, former United Nations Panel Expert and financial forensic team lead for Task Force 2010 in Afghanistan.

Thomas Creal says of Michael Franzese, “this is big for the Eva Series. The number of players will determine our success and more players sends a stronger message to the bad banks, the money movers, plus younger generations will learn more about it. Michael will be able to attract millions of players from the Christian Churches worldwide”.

The Eva Series is a combination of mobile game apps and short films focused on black money. The purpose is to stop the many trails of black money, teach young game players forensic skills and compete through player-to-player game interaction. The first round of the mobile game apps coming soon are Eva Berlin; Eva Banks; Eva Hajjaj; and Eva Poacher.

Throughout The Eva Series, you will have the opportunity to track down and interrupt black money as it flows through banks, hawalas and suitcases of the money movers. You will attack the warlords, arms dealers, kingpins, drug lords and wartime entrepreneurs. Black money is an invisible enemy. It creates the most powerful and wealthy individuals through activities like money laundering, smuggling, counterfeiting, terrorism and poaching. Warring nations may even use it to destabilize economies and cause widespread financial collapse.

Mr. Franzese says, “the mobile game industry is huge and cuts across all borders. This will definitely play a role in rebuilding the families and communities of the Christians that have been persecuted during the Syrian War. I am in 200%”.

For more information please visit www.eva2020.net.


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