FindaTopDoc Explores The Mental Health of Charlie Sheen

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With recent reports of Charlie Sheen undergoing a medical detox, FindaTopDoc examines the actor’s mental health and history of drug and alcohol abuse. Are his struggles related? Let’s take a look.

It is well-known that Charlie Sheen has displayed strange and reckless behavior in the public eye. He has had frequent problems with the law, was kicked off Two and a Half Men, has a history of drug and alcohol issues, and to top it off, he has been in trouble for domestic violence.

HIV, Drug Abuse, Alcohol Abuse

Sheen was diagnosed with HIV in May of 2011. Facing HIV has severe ramifications to mental integrity, and initial diagnosis often causes denial, fear, anger, sadness and anxiety.

The actor famously dabbled with cocaine, a stimulating drug that is highly addictive. It is a very strong stimulant, causing intense euphoria, agitation, and loss of touch with reality. However, these effects do not last very long. The resulting crash causes anxiety, paranoia, tremors, and restlessness. The crash is undesirable, so the user typically ends up taking more cocaine again to find relief, and the cycle starts again.

It is also known that Sheen has a record of being addicted to painkillers. Painkillers such as Vicodin, Oxycontin, Valium and Percocet are likely candidates as these drugs are often illegally prescribed and abused.

Charlie Sheen is known to have a serious alcohol problem as well, as he revealed to Dr. Oz that he tried to quit drinking ‘2,000’ times. His misadventures with alcohol contributed to his meltdowns and well-known public antics.

Signs of Mental Illness

In 1989, Sheen shot his then-fiancé Kelly Preston on the arm, which fortunately did not result in serious injuries. The actor was charged with assault and sentenced to probation in 1996 when he hit a former girlfriend. He was arrested again in 2009 after reports of domestic violence. In 2014, Sheen was again sued for assault and battery after punching a dental technician in the chest during an office visit. Sheen was married three times, all ending in divorce. Have mental disorders been the culprit of all Sheen’s issues?

According to Dr. Drew, or Dr. Drew Pinsky, Sheen might have symptoms of hypomania, which is characterized by delusions of grandeur, euphoria, irritability, extreme creativity and reduced need for sleep.

An article in Psychology Today published in 2011 stated that the actor’s timeline of drugs, alcohol, legal issues, hospitalizations and rehab stints are indications of bipolar disorder. This mental illness is characterized by the rapid swing of mood to extremes and people with this disorder often act out in ways ordinary people would not. Sheen has stated that he’s diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Sheen has also displayed behaviors that are characteristic of other mental illnesses as well, including depression and narcissistic personality disorder.

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