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Summertime is just around the corner, and research shows that as the weather heats up, so do people’s sex lives. FindaTopDoc has decided to explore what makes people attracted to one another, according to science, and we’ve stumbled upon a number of sexual orientations that you may have never heard of.

First up, sapiosexuality. What does sapiosexual mean?

Sapiosexual is defined as a person who is sexually attracted to people because of their intelligence above all other factors. Intelligence is the main, if not sole, criteria in selecting a mate, and it far surpasses other factors like the looks, nature, personality of the person, etc.

Of course, many people give intelligence weight while selecting a partner, but it may not always be the only or main criteria. Being a sapiosexual is not a choice. It is a natural attraction that one has towards intelligence that cannot be controlled. But this sexual orientation has its perks!

Intelligent men have healthy sperm

As concluded in a research study conducted by the University of Mexico, it was found that there is a strong connection between intelligence and the health of sperm in men. In the study, the sperm of 400 men were examined after they completed intense mental testing. The test results proved that people with high IQ levels had healthy and strong sperm. So for women who want babies, choosing an intelligent man to mate with can be beneficial, and these babies will likely be intelligent like their parents.

Greater the IQ, greater the sex drive

An adult sex toy retailer, Lovehoney, found that there is a strong relation between intelligence and sex drive. Based on sales data, the company saw more interest in sex from students from elite universities. Based on this study, one can say that intelligent people have a higher sex drive, so if you want a healthy and active sex life, being with an intelligent partner might be the way to go.

Intelligence is more satisfying

For most of us, the looks of our partner is imperative, but gradually we realize that looks are only temporary and appearance is not the most satisfying factor one needs in a partner. The looks of a person can attract another, but not necessarily make that person fall in love. Looks are temporary, but intelligence is long-lasting.

There are some celebrities who have shown signs of being sapiosexual, as they have dropped their past history of dating models and ultimately married people of high intelligence. George Clooney is a prime example. You may notice some characters in movies being attracted to intelligence too. Belle from Beauty and the Beast might just be sapiosexual, falling for the beast for his knowledge of books.

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